Sunday, July 1, 2012

Turtle Walk 9

Wednesday evening we drove over to the Marriott Sanibel Harbor Resort, and while relaxing at Charley's Cabana Bar, we happily watched the last of the Tropical Storm Debby clouds go by.
That was a beautiful sight to watch.

Then a beautiful sunset followed.

Thursday, June 28 was the ninth turtle walk for us this season.  It was a sad one, for sure!  It appears that all the nests in our zone have been washed over and probably will not hatch.  But we are still in the midst of nesting season and there have already been a few new nests since the tropical storm.  Hopefully there will be a lot more.  There had already been a few nests that had hatched, so we hope those little turtles made it through the storm ok.

Because of the high surf, not only were the nests washed over, there was also a lot of sand left on top of them.  You can tell by looking at the yellow stakes.  I didn't put the photos of all the nests because it is just too depressing.

If you will be visiting during the remainder of the sea turtle nesting season, please do all you can to help make it comfortable and safe for them on the beach.  Make sure to pick up any trash you have, fill in any holes you may have made on the beach, take all beach chairs and toys inside before dusk, and also turn any lights off that they could see from the beach.  It is also helpful if people are not walking on the beach or making noise at night, and no flashlights, please.  If you do happen to see a turtle nesting, stay far away and watch quietly.  No flash photos.  It is possible that a turtle might nest during daylight hours.  With your help and a little luck, maybe you will wake up to see a trail of sea turtle tracks one morning. :)

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is so sad about the turtle nests. Please explain how that works, are you saying that if they get flooded with water or covered over with more sand, then they don't hatch?