Monday, July 2, 2012

Sanibel First Day of July

The first day of July was a beautiful one!

(I've had people tell me they see Maxine in these clouds, Coyote and RoadRunner, I see a large baby laying at the bottom looking up.)

In the afternoon, a friend of mine saw hundreds of
live Florida Fighting Conchs that had been washed up in the tide.

This is an albino one.  If it were not a live one, it would be a nice find.  After cleaning the periostracum, (the flaky leathery covering that you find on most live seashells), it would be milky white all over.  A couple of my friends have one of these, they are very pretty.

I've seen a lot of Fighting Conchs on the beach before, but nothing like this.
I do remember reading in the news, a couple of years ago this same type of thing happened on Bonita Beach.

The same friend, shared this photo of the sunset they saw on a West Gulf Beach yesterday evening.
Thanks friend! :)


Roxanne Reinhart said...

The first day of July looks like a lovely one on the island.

I remember all the live conchs beaching on Bonita. It may have been just last year. I wasn't there but read about it on several blogs.

Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us.

Snowbird said...

WOW on the conchs. That is simply amazing.