Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby and Sanibel

Tropical Storm Debby has caused a lot of weather alerts for Sanibel Island in the past few days.  We've had very little sunshine for the past week, I think I need some Vitamin D.  We've had clouds, showers, thunder storms, down pours, wind, tornado and water spout warnings, and high surf advisories.  The temperature has been in the upper 70's to low 80's for last couple of days, which is much better than the temperatures my family is having in the mid-west.

Today we had a high surf warning again and being worried about the sea turtle nests, we drove around the island checking the beaches in several places.  The news is not good, as all of the nests we saw were washed over or washed out completely. :( 

We went to the Sanibel Lighthouse next...
The road to the Lighthouse is closed until it can be repaired.

A WINK TV truck was in the Lighthouse Beach parking area.

At the Sanibel Marina there was water over the dock walkways.  They sure weren't needed today, because nobody was going to use their boat.

Driving over the canals, you could see that the water was much higher than usual, and over most of the docks I could see.
There was also a warning about high surf possibly going over the Sanibel Causeway in places, but that didn't happen. The surf was extra high during the high tide this evening and water was blowing onto the causeway in a couple of places, when we drove across it around 5 PM. The water was pretty far up on the causeway islands, much higher than the norm.

As we drove onto the causeway, I noticed the Sanibel Boat Ramp Dock also had water on the walkways.

Coming back toward the island on the causeway.

A TV truck was sitting on one of the causeway islands.

Drove to Blind Pass, the Sanibel Parking Area was flooded and closed.

On the Blind Pass Bridge, looking toward the Bay.

For just a minute, the sun found a hole to shine through.

Some streets on Captiva were flooded.

Beach erosion near the Mucky Duck.

My friend, Bonnie sent some photos and a video to me that were taken at Gulf Shores today.

The air was full of salt water today.

Seeing all these nests getting washed over
is just terrible.



Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh Tootie - that looks terrible and I am heartbroken about the turtle nests.

Dave said...

Hi Toots. Sorry that your turtle nests have been damaged. Hope some survive. Also hope that you are all OK as it sounded serious weather - Dave

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Tootie - what a different side of Sanibel to see. I've never been down there when it was that stormy. I'm glad that Debbie is headed out to sea now and the worse is over. Glad that you're safe and sound, too. :) Thank you so much for sharing such interesting and beautiful photos of a wild Sanibel.

xoxo laurie

Robin Vanover said...

We rescheduled our trip to Sanibel Island from Cincinnat,Ohio due to Debby. We are now arriving on July 6. My daughters ages 3 and 6 LOVE sea turtles (even though they have only seen photos, and, of course, Squirt from "Finding Nemo"). They, as well as I, were looking forward to seeing some of the nests and perhaps even a turtle. We are so sad for the loss of nests. Thank you fir sharing your photos.
Thanks, Robin

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wow! Everything looks so different after this storm. We are anxious so see how it looks come October when we return. Take Care!!!