Friday, October 29, 2010

Windsurf a Sanibel Sunset

I had planned to watch the sunset this evening from the beach, but I got busy and when I noticed the time, it was 6:30.  Not knowing if we could get to West Gulf Drive in time, we opted to go to the Sanibel Causeway instead.  As we went across the bridge, I could see that we might be able to get parked in time to take a few photos. 
When the sun gets close to the horizon, it seems like it goes down very fast.

Would we make it?

Yes we did! :)

Notice the windsurfer taking advantage
of the NW wind.

He flew back and forth in front of us.  You could consider that intruding on your sunset or entertaining, depending on your mood I guess.  I thought it was kind of entertaining and nice having the sail in my photos.

The temperature was 78 degrees this evening and the wind was cool.  I'm thinking our windsurfer could have been a little chilly.

After walking a little way, looking for tiny shells, it was time to go.
I had one tiny Rose Petal Tellin, a big shiny Jingle, little piece of coral and a tiny Tiger lucine.  Enough to make me happy. :)


George said...

I really like your picture of the sun through the tree branches. I think I would have enjoyed watching the windsurfer as well. Thanks for sharing your sunset with us.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Gayle said...

I seriously love the shot of the sun between the trees. So very creative. I would have enjoyed the windsurfer, too. And 78* sounds heavenly to me! :) You sure do have a lot of shell knowledge...amazes me every time you tell me what you found.

Suzann said...

What a pretty sunset!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful sunset..... I love your area of Florida.... How gorgeous!!!!! The sun coming through the tree is amazing.. Thanks for sharing such beauty... I'm envious..

Suzann said...

Thanks for stopping by!!!
You know I have never been to Sanibel...I have been in Florida for 33 years.....that is a shame!
It is beautiful from your pictures. Maybe someday I should really explore Florida huh?

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Another beautiful sunset in paradise! The shot of the sun in the V of the tree trunk is perfect!

sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks, Tootie. I enjoyed seeing a Sanibel sunset.

Ivy Lane said...

so glad you made it! Thanks for sharing your Sanibel sunset!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Your photos once again made my heart skip a beat, Tootie. What wonderful memories you're making on that blissful island... :)

xoxo laurie

The Florida Blogger said...

I've windsurfed and kiteboarded. Both are exhilarating.