Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treat at Sanibel Schnapper's Hots

Over the water and back again....
to Schnapper's Hots we go!

Today was one of those days that
the water looked dark blue.
The seagulls color was a stark white against the dark water, as they flew around in a feeding frenzy.

Later tonight we drove over to Periwinkle Way to have a Halloween treat at Schnapper's Hots!

We saw some little trick-or-treaters on our drive there and back, but I will venture a guess that their treats were not as good as ours.


Caroline said...

Those fries make my mouth water...we had lunch there on our last trip.

Gayle said...

You have so many fun and different places to eat. We are pretty limited to the point that going out isn't as much fun as it once was. Glad you enjoyed your Halloween.

NanaDiana said...

Morning Toot, Toot, Tootie! I see you got my cousin hanging down there (in the next to last picture) We look enough alike to be twins!>) Thanks for sending your friend to visit my blog. What a kind person you are! Have a wonderful Sandy & Sunny Sanibel Day! I am off to work for the day myself~ Hugs- Diana

George said...

Your Halloween treat looks yummy. That would be heart to beat.

Don said...

A trip to Sanibel wouldn't be complete without a visit to Schapper's. I love them.