Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waiting For Tropical Storm Isaac

We had our preparations for the coming Tropical Storm Isaac done, so decided to take a drive.  After stopping at the Sanibel Cafe to eat, we drove on to Blind Pass.

Only saw 2 people on Captiva side of the pass.

There were people walking the sand bars
 on the Sanibel side of the pass.

It started raining a little harder, so after looking through some shells for about 5 minutes and finding these few, I left.

Most businesses seemed to be closed this afternoon.  The Island Cow looked quite strange with an empty parking lot and all the tables and chairs from their outdoor dining area piled in a corner.  The Sanibel Cafe was open, so we ate there.  I also noticed the Hess Station and 7 Eleven were open and of course, Bailey's.

 Low, low tide at Sanibel Causeway islands.

So many areas seem to be exposed more at low tide than usual.  The dark places in this photo show green sea grass.

On a drive past the Lighthouse Beach, we saw some people out wind surfing.  There were also a few at the causeway.

The picture below shows the new fencing and plantings that were just put in to repair the damage from the last tropical storm.

 Tide was WAY out!

Passed the Sanibel Marina, which looked very strange with no boats at the docks.  It is usually full.

 Grandma Dot's all boarded up.

Raining harder now


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Y'all be safe!! We want to see you in a few more weeks!!

gpc said...

wow, I'd love to be there to see those tides! Beautiful, and hopefully will safely blow by.

Snowbird said...

Wow, it does look like everybody was ready for this one. I sure hope it blows right on by you guys and everything will be ok.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Stay safe and dry!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Be safe Tootie!! I worry about my Sanibel "friends"! That was quite a haul for just a few minutes of shelling. Wish I were there now...well maybe not exactly "now". But sooner than Oct. am hoping to run into you to say hi and thank you in person for this blog!!
Take care of Puffin and be safe!