Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Relief After Isaac Decides Not To Visit

For two days we prepared for a visit from Tropical Storm Isaac.  He was making tracks straight for us. State of Emergency and Mandatory Evacuation was being talked about.  We decided we were not leaving so everything we thought might be needed was taken care of.  I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer because it was almost certain we would loose power.  We were even invited to a 'Clean Your Freezer Out Party".  Several people cooked everything they had in their freezer and it was very good, and lots of fun.

Then after Isaac passed Cuba, he gradually headed out into the Gulf further away from us.  What a huge relief.  The worst weather for us was some wind, rain and high tidal surges.  

These photos are from a drive out onto the Sanibel Causeway today in the early afternoon.  It was VERY windy out there.

The high tide was around 9 this morning, and even though it had gone down a  lot by this time, there was still water splashing into the road, just as you go onto the tallest bridge.  There is a lane that goes around under the bridge to turn around to return back to the island.  That lane was closed.

I haven't talked to anyone to know exactly how high the tide came up on the causeway islands, but from the debris left, it appeared to have been pretty near the roadway in some places.

There were oyster shells washed up all over the beach areas.

In this photo we are driving back toward Sanibel 
and the Gulf is on the left.

Stopped by the Sanibel Marina again and noticed water was still covering over the walkways of the boat slips.

Plywood was off Grandma Dot's, 
so they must be getting ready for business again.

Our next stop was at the Lighthouse Beach.  The road to the lighthouse was closed due to high tide.  The parking area at the beach had a lot of cars there and a few people walking in the edge of the water, which was still right next to the dune area.  These people were letting a couple of kids play way out in the water in the big waves.  No way would I do that.  I was on the beach in the West Gulf area a couple of years ago when a boy got bit on the leg by a shark in these same kind of water conditions. I was told that the shark probably saw the leg move and may have thought it was a fish.  The big waves churning up the sand probably makes it difficult, if not impossible for them to see well.  I would be afraid of undertow as well.

The water had been up really high on the boardwalks, 
and water was still standing in the dunes.

Next stop Nerita Street Access.

Sadly, I'm pretty sure the remaining sea turtle nests
 are all washed over and will not hatch.
Poor turtles have sure had a rough season.

A stop by Pointe Santo de Sanibel Condos.

 The tide had been up to the grass here.

The lagoon was quite full.

Maybe somebody dumped their extra shells and ran. :)

There were some shells here, in places, 
but mostly little broken pieces.

 There were little baby coconuts scattered on the ground.

We drove on to Resident Access 5 for a shell check. :)

There were some scattered up in the dunes, 
where the high tide had gone, but almost all white ark shells.

 Ah, ha! This looked promising.  But only in this one area.  
These were all small and a lot of broken shells.

 This is all I picked up.  Maybe there will be more later, at low tide.

From there, we drove out to Blind Pass.
Stopped on the Sanibel side first, and saw nothing there.

 A few little crumbs in the dunes.

The sandbars were not exposed.

This is on the Captiva side of the pass.

Saw no shells here either.  There were several 
guys with surf boards there.

I wanted to see if the big drop off was still in front of the Mucky Duck.  I just took a quick look and it looked about the same as it did after Tropical Storm Debby went through.
The News 2 truck was there and having trouble getting turned around.  I doubt they found anything news worthy here.

The beach in front of Mucky Duck.

The Captiva public beach access.
I just stepped out on the beach and got sand blasted from the wind, I saw no shells, so I turned and went back to the car.

Just after we started back, we saw some police activity going on.
That is a NO PARKING area, there had been 5 or 6 cars when we had gone past before.  Now there were still 3 and I imagine they got a ticket.  Kind of ironic, since this spot probably has more NO PARKING signs than any place I've ever seen, at least 8.  Go figure!

We went home for dinner, then decided to go back to WG access 5 because it was time for low tide.  
As we drove out of the driveway, there were birds everywhere, feeding in neighbors' yards.

There were shells!
Nothing really great, but a lot of shells.

The blowing foam sometimes made you think it was snowing.

The air was full of salt water and the wind was VERY strong.  I couldn't keep the hair out of my eyes and my glasses got so much salt water on them I couldn't see.  So after about 20 or 30 minutes we headed for home.

 Notice that nice (the nicest shell I found) flat shell in the center of the picture.  My favorite kind!
(More on that later.)

A tulip hiding by the edge of the foam.

 A lady had a 5 gal bucket she was throwing lots of shells in.  She didn't seem to care what kind they were or what shape they were in.
But having a great time.

This is what the two of us carried home in our pockets.
That nice flat shell, I carried in my hand with my cell phone and my glasses, so It wouldn't get broken in my pocket.  I dropped it somewhere along the way, so it was lost. :(
But, it was a fun time and there will always be another.
(Maybe tomorrow!) 

There are a couple videos from the City.


Snowbird said...

Thanks for the tour. I also enjoyed the cyber shelling. Looks like you got a decent haul. Sorry about the loss of the flat one. I always liked them too.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wonderful post Tootie. So in-depth and great photos. Thanks!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I'm glad the island didn't take a direct hit. I'm about to pay the balance on our condo for October!! I've been watching the Pointe Santo webcam so I knew the waves were making it up to the grassy area. We can't wait to get down there!!! Already have our cruise on the books with Capt Brian, too!! We are so ready for a break from our relentless heat here!! See you soon!

Mare said...

I am so happy that Isaac decided to skirt you all. We were sitting up here in Georgia thinking safe thoughts for you guys! *hugs*

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Hi. Glad to hear from you today your photos are gorgeous. Love the ones where you went back out at low tide. They are amazing shots I hate it for the turtles this year. You found some gorgeous scallops and that tulip is fabulous!! Thanks again for sharing!!

sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks! That was fun. I wish I was there.

Heaven's Walk said...

So glad to hear that Isaac didn't harm our Sanibel, Tootie - and that you all made it through ok! :) I feel so bad about those poor little turtle eggs, though. :( Thank you for sharing some more beautiful island photos - stormy or not.

xoxo laurie

Gayle said...

Sad for the turtles. I guess that's the way of nature. The wind would drive me nuts... my ears! I'm with the lady and the bucket. I'd probably do the same, sort through them by a fire with a glass of wine and then use the rest crushed in a walkway. All the stooping would do my back in!