Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turtle Walk Thursday

We started our Turtle Walk early this morning, feeling optomistic.  There had been several new nests found in our zone, since our last walk.
(The new list of nests found are at the end of this post.)

Not sure what this was, maybe a Sea Slug???

A whole pile of stuff left out, like chairs, umbrella etc.  A long blow up boat was at the bottom.

This hole is just waiting to break someones leg.  It's over 2' deep.

Umbrella left out on beach over night.

How many pelicans can you find in the tree? 
 I saw 10.

This was the nest that a critter
had been digging in last week.
It is now covered to keep intruders out.

Fishermen were lining the beach this morning.

A whole Cockle shell.

The last nest in our zone and we didn't find any new ones today.

More traps!

Steps down to the water. :)

I know you've all heard the song about
'toes in the water, 'butt in the sand'. 
I don't think this is the kind of butt
the song was about.

One of many straws found on our walk.

The same man with his thermos of coffee,
again this week. :)

We didn't really sea the sun at all.

A peek at some of what we picked up this morning.
Most of it was small pieces of plastic
and about 25 straws.
I'm guessing the shell nets and ball belonged in someones condo and were left on the beach by a renter.  It's difficult for owners to keep this type of thing in their condos for people to use.

When I got home, I was taking a pic of the two little shells I picked up, when I was rudely interrupted by Mr McPuffin Stuff.  He bumped my hand, knocked the little mac n cheese (or candy corn as I Love Shelling calls it) to the floor.  Then grabbed it and swallowed it before I could stop him.
(So, to my friend Tink, who loves mac n cheese shells, you can come over.  I know where you can find one.) :)

Yes, he's such a sweet and innocent little guy. 

Amanda Bryant, Biologist and co-ordinator for Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation's Sea Turtle Program, sent a message telling us that the nesting season is going smoothly. As of this week, we officially have three different sea turtle species that have nested on Sanibel. Below is where we stand as of June 10, 2011.
As of June 10, 2011:

Sanibel East- 12 loggerhead nests, 23 loggerhead false crawls

Sanibel West- 86 loggerhead nests, 1 Kemp’s Ridley nest, 1 green nest

Captiva- 44 loggerhead nests, 15 loggerhead false crawls


Gayle said...

That's a lot of nests. I hope they produce a lot of turtles! :) Shame on the people who leave out trash!

Della said...

It's so sad that people don't realize that what gets left on the beach can end up in the ocean with the surge of the tide. One little tropical storm and there goes a bunch more crap into the sea.

It's good to see so many turtle nests on the beach! AND! I see where all of my pelicans went! Down to Sanibel for a vacation! LOL!

mcnaught5 said...

Awww! The fisherman in your photo is my son! I have been out with him probably every morning, except that morning. Bummer, as I hope to run into you and your sweet little dog. Maybe this week.

Tootie said...

Gayle, they should product lots of little sea turtles, if we don't have any extra high tides to wash them over before hatching time.

Della, those things are near enough to the water, so they go back out with a high tide. :(

Mcnaught, that is a bummer! I have always wondered if anyone recognized themselves or another person in one of my photos. :) Maybe I will run into you. I don't always take little Puffin because he gets hot very quickly and is getting a little too heavy for me to carry a long way. But I will try to bring him over that way, one day so you would recognize me if I pass by. :)

Beach House Living said...

I love how dedicated you are to the sea turtles. Do you fill in the holes you see?

I can't wait to see photos of the the turtles.

Dave said...

It must be disappointing for condo owners when their people don't take care of things. You gathered up a lot of stuff Tootie - Dave

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm getting caught up on my reading this morning! I recognize that turtle nest in front of Point Santo. I kind of think of it as "mine" since it was laid when I was there. So exciting! I can't wait for it to hatch. Is it my imagination or is there more crap on the beach than there used to be? Why can't people clean up after themselves?