Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turtle Walk Thursday

We arrived at Gulfside City Park around 6:15 this morning.  We were surprised to see a beach wheelchair locked to the bike rack.  If you didn't know what one looked like....this is it.  I've never tried to push one of these on the beach, so I don't know how difficult it is.  These chairs are readily available on the island at several rental places.  They rent them by the hour or day.  I haven't checked prices recently, but they were around $35 per day and $85 for a week.
If you only need one for a short time, you can call the Sanibel Police at 239-472-3111 to request an all-terrain wheelchair, which is available for four hours (maximum) to allow for use by others.  Upon receiving a request for a wheelchair, the Police Dept will get all the information as to time and location.  They will call Billy's Rentals, 239-472-5248, and relay the information.
Billy's Rentals will deliver the wheelchair and obtain a waiver of liability for both the City and Billy's Rental to be put on file.  There is no charge.
(Billy's Rental would like user to come by for a lesson first, but this is not required. Rentals are available seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. There will be no outgoing rentals after 4 p.m., with delivery and pickup on Sanibel only. Must pick up a key first.)

We were worried that the no-see-ums and mosquitos would bother us a lot this morning because there wasn't much air moving.  But about half way out the path, we felt wind.  YAY!!!  The temperature was in the mid 70's so that was good too.

The first thing I focused on was the moon.  Next, it was the wave action going on. :)  Maybe there were shells coming in!

There was only one person in sight.

I didn't see a sea turtle in either direction, but I nearly tripped over an alligator!

There were shells, but most were small or crumbs.

An Osprey was sitting on the nest in front of Island Beach Club this morning.

Right about here, I started thinking about an internet friend who said she was staying at Pointe Santo this week.  We had tried to set up a time to meet, but so far that hadn't worked out.  I knew they were leaving today, but I was hoping that maybe she would be out taking one last walk on the beach this morning.  But, no such luck.  There was no one around.

A white rubber fish. :)  Looks like someone lost their bait.

Surprise!!  We have a turtle nest in our zone and we didn't know it! YAY!

As I started to walk up toward the nest, I saw someone come around the end of that building, heading for the beach.  By the time the person reached the sand, I first noticed hair color, style, then ...... she looked like photos I'd seen ..... but I wasn't sure.  Should I call her name or wait to see if she might notice me?  I decided to call her name, but just as I was about to, she turned to look at me, looked away and then back again.  We both called out each other's name at the same time; it was.... my internet friend!!!!  Now really, what are the chances of that happening?  She said she had just jumped out of bed and ran out to take a few pictures before getting ready to leave.  I felt bad for her, that her vacation was over, but I was very happy that I had the chance to meet her after all.

That meeting was the highlight of my morning! :)

When we reached the end of our zone, we saw another nest that hadn't been there last week. :)  It isn't in our zone.  That little white sign you can see in the background, is the end of ours.

Handsome, yes?

There were two beach towels left laid out on the sand, chairs set up and sand toys scattered.  It was all wet from being out all night.  I piled it all up, further from the water, and left it hoping someone would come back for it.  I know most condo owners have these things for their renters to use.  It's very difficult to keep them because they get left out on the beach.  There are cards in the condos with info about not leaving things on the beach at night, especially during sea turtle nesting season.  I guess they just don't bother to read it or don't care.  In another place we found two beach umbrellas set up and left overnight.

My one shell of the day.  A Coffee Melampus.  These little snails are usually found around the mangroves where the tides keep the soil wet.  When the tide comes in, they cling to the branches.  They can breathe in air or water.

The end of another nice walk. :)  Except for a little problem with mosquitos when we stood still. :(

The mosquitos have been annoying enough, that it prompted me to find this notice, that makes me very happy!

Weather permitting, the following area is scheduled for treatment of adult mosquitoes within the hours of sundown and 2:00 AM by ULV Spray Trucks:

Captiva Island - All of Captiva Island from South Sea's Plantation south to Blind Pass.

Sanibel Island - From Blind Pass south to Belding Dr., avoiding the Ding Darling NWR.

From the west end of West Gulf Dr. east to Casa Ybel Rd. including Rabbit Rd. and Tarpon Bay Rd. and the west end of Periwinkle Way.

East end, from Sanibel Lighthouse west to Dixie Beach Blvd. and the west end of Middle Gulf Dr. at Casa Ybel Rd.

This evening we went for a drive.  The clouds looked so pretty that we decided to watch the sunset from the Sanibel Causeway. 

Clouds looking toward the Sanibel Lighthouse.

We stopped on the first island, but as soon as we did, mosquitos started swarming all around us, so we drove on to the next island.

We took the turn around loop, then pulled over for a minute to take a couple photos.

Yes, the little furball went too. :)

A Heron fishing for dinner.

Eating dinner. :) 

It just doesn't get better than this.


Gayle said...

What are the trucks spraying? Is it toxic? Seems if it kills mosquitoes it can't be good...not that I would object, but it seems to me a lot of people would. I wonder what your bugs are like compared to our bugs? When I was in FL it was "winter" so I don't remember there being any bugs.

You get me every single time... when you said you tripped on an alligator I fell for it hook, line and sink! LOL

I would love to walk around the corner and meet you. It would be wonderful. Of course, it seems that I am at least 3 years from ever going anywhere at the rate my teen is getting into trouble. :(

Della said...

Great pics Tootie! I long for a trip to the beach.

My brother used a beach wheelchair on the east coast. It was made of PVC pipe. Really cool. The only thing that would make these chairs better would be to make them operable to the user.

So glad to see more turtle nests! I would love to be there for a hatching. That would be so amazing!

Deb said...

you are right, "It just doesn't get better than this." We wish we were still there. We were so glad to finally meet you and Gary, had a great time with you at the Sanibel Grill. Glad to see you back blogging so that I can live it through your eyes. :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It was the highlight of my day that I got you meet you too! What are the chances that I walked out onto the beach at exactly the right moment? I think it was just meant to be. We are back home in Chicago where its dreary and 41 degrees. I miss Sanibel already. Beautiful sunset shots!

Kaybe said...

There was another Kim sighting of her phooning with Pam of i Love Shelling up by the lighthouse. Thanks for all you do for the turtles.

Take good care,


George said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us -- from that beautiful moon photo to the gorgeous sunset. I'm glad you found a couple of nests, even if one of them wasn't in your zone. I'm also glad the alligator you nearly tripped over was a friendly one.

iLoveShelling said...

I was a turtle tracker in that same zone a few years back! I had Sunday mornings so needless to say that didnt work out for more than one year. We rescued a little baby by seeing him in a pit someone dug. He fell in and couldnt crawl out but we got him to the edge of the water and saw his flippers go crazy-he did The happy turtle swim.
Cute picture of you and Kim!