Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Sanibel Sunset

A pleasant Saturday evening watching what we could see of the sunset, from the Sanibel Causeway spoil island B. :)

The water was calm and hardly any breeze.  The birds were having a nice evening, bathing in the shallow water.  I suppose their dinner hour was over and they were getting cleaned up to go roost.

There was a lady sitting under this tree when we got there.  (Not a good place to be.) The no-see-ums were a little bothersome and I noticed she was doing a lot of swatting and itching.  She was still there when we left.  I wouldn't want to be her tomorrow.

 It didn't look as though we would even
get a peek at the sun.  But the clouds were very pretty to look at.

Photos are from L to R looking at Pine Island Sound.

Turning to look toward the other side of the road.

 As the sun got lower, the clouds
 started changing color.

Suddenly there was a break in the clouds
letting the sun peek through.


sue in mexico mo said...

Very pretty sunset!

NanaDiana said...

You've really had some great cloudy days recently. You are right about one thing-That lady is going to be miserable tomorrow.

One time living there I got into chiggers and thought I was going to scratch myself to death. Ugh- Diana

Dave said...

A tranquil late afternoon with the calm sea. Very restful Tootie - Dave

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Another beautiful sunset. I love it when there are clouds in the sky. I love when there aren't as well!

That lady must be crazy... or have some really, really good repellent.