Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sanibel Sunday Sandspurs

It was another hot day, up to 90 degrees, with high humidity.  Early this afternoon I heard thunder, and looked out to see some dark clouds passing by.  After I realized it wasn't going to rain, I drove over to the end of Bailey Rd, thinking a short walk to look for Rose-petal Tellins would be nice.  It was nice, but produced no tellins.

I drove on over to the east end, Point Ybel.  I parked near the Sanibel Fishing Pier that overlooks San Carlos Bay.  From the parking area I took a shortcut using a small path that went through some bushes.  BIG mistake!  I was looking up at the clouds, of course, when I felt something sticking my feet.  I looked down to see stickers on my feet.  Ouch!  I hobbled on out to the sand where I started pulling them out.  It wasn't easy standing on one foot in the sand, especially if you are as off-balance as I am these days.  I got them pulled out of  one foot, then started on the next.  Yes, I did wonder how many people were looking at me!  But at that point I really didn't care.  You know what they say, 'walk a mile in my shoes, then laugh.'  When I finished with that foot and started to put it back in my flip flops, that's when I realized that the soft foam soles we completely covered with burrs.  Ugh!  My fingers were already sore from pulling them off my feet, so I had to find something else to use besides my bare fingers.  I gimped a few more steps down the beach carrying a flip and ouching with every step in the flop!  I found a small piece of driftwood, used it to scrape until I had all of the burrs off, put the flop on and took the flip off.  I just started to scrape the burrs and the stick broke!  I hobbled a little further until I found a shell big enough to finish the job.  By that time the idea of shelling had somehow lost it's splendor.  But, I believe the shelling gods tried to appease me, because I just took one more look down, before I turned to go, and there were two shells right in front of me.  I grabbed them and started back to the car, the LONG way, and never looked back!  But, I'm sure I was someone's entertainment for the day. :)

That whole fiasco should never have happened.  I know about Sandspurs, I've had them in my feet before, helped pick them out of other people's feet and pulled them out of grandchildren's clothing.  Those sticky things can even flatten a bicycle tire!  You would think that once would be enough for me; but nooooo! 

In case you don't know; Sandspurs are a grassy-type weed which produces spiny barbed seed-pods in the Fall. They thrive in well drained sandy soil, with lots of sunshine. So, where better than the dune area of a beach.  You might want to keep an eye out for them.

I felt like I really worked hard for these two shells. :)

A Button and a Melampus (coffee bean to me)


Dave said...

Wow Tootie, those Sandspurs look like real trouble. I read your reference about them. I think we have a form of the plant here but haven't seen the spikie seed pods.
Don't forget to tell me what you use your shells for, please? :-) - Dave

Jennnifer said...

I love shells and enjoy reading your blog! I have always wanted to visit Sanibel & Captiva. Maybe sometime you could do a blog on your top restaurants for bfast, Italian food, pizza, seafood..(both expensive & bargain).I would love to have your suggestions...enjoy your quiet island..soon the snow birds will be back!! Fall at the Jersey Shore is lovely...less crowds and gorgeous weather!! Cheers! Jennifer aka Gigi

NanaDiana said...

Oh-have I ever walked a few feet in your flip-flops. I have had so many sand spurs in my feet over the years-They are horrible...horrible...horrible..and I hate to tell you but someone probably did have a good laugh at your expense. Poor gal!! Diana

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wow! Never have encountered sandspurs. I'll have to watch out for those. Yes, a lot of painful work for those shells!!

Tootie said...

Dave, I keep forgetting to make a link to the blog where I have pics of most of my treasures. I'll do that next post. And by the way, I think maybe I shall ask God during our next talk, the purpose of those sandspurs. Of course my first thought is that the devil put them there. :)

NanaDiana there is no doubt in my mind that probably more than one person benefited from my discomfort. They say that laughter is good for what ails you, so I'm glad I was able to help them out. :)

Scrap Cat, Do keep your eye out for them. By sticking to the main paths onto the beach, you shouldn't have a problem. Time is getting very close for you. I'm getting excited for my kiddos to get here too. It will be a fun week. We'll be happy to include you, as well.

George said...

I think I'll do whatever I can to avoid your sandspurs!

ChrisC said...

As anyone who lives in Florida can say,"I feel your pain." Sandspurs have no reason to be here.
But glad you found some shells. Kinda,sorta makes it all worth it,sosn't it?

C said...

In sanibel with my parents this weekend (we have a condo here) and just got sandspurs in my foot, which is how i found your blog :)