Monday, September 20, 2010

Sanibel Beach Prime Time

This afternoon, we went to do a couple of errands and since it was so nice out, we went on over to resident access 2 on West Gulf Drive.   The sky was a beautiful blue today with only small fluffs of clouds floating around.  There was a pretty strong breeze blowing and it didn't feel too hot.


You have to call this time of year, 'Prime Time on the Sanibel Beach'.  I only saw one couple walk past while we were there.  There were plenty of birds though.  I love it when they get used to you staying in one spot for a while and start walking right past, or standing close.  That's what they did when I was on my knees, looking through the shells.

The selection of shells wasn't great, but I picked up a few mini shells, and had fun doing it. :) 

It was so nice and peaceful  on the beach that I wasn't ready to leave, but after being in the sun for a while, I started getting too hot, so it was time to go.  I suffered from heat exhaustion eons ago when I thought I was invincible. I had a habit of working out in the hot sun all day, because the heat never bothered me, and now I get very annoyed when I can't be out in the heat of the day. During summer months here, I try to be careful not to be out very long at a time. In the winter, I do better, but still can't stay in the direct sun too long if there isn't much air movement. 
Some symptoms of heat exhaustion are, feeling weak, clumsy, and confused. Since I have to deal with those things on a regular basis, it's a little difficult to know when I actually have a problem from the heat. :) Seriously, I have to be careful not to get dehydrated and usually the first warning I get is weakness, dizziness, nausea, and blurry vision. If I notice any of those things, I know it's time for me to head for a cooler spot. Thank goodness for big umbrellas, beach chairs and bottled water.

After one glance back toward the water, I headed back to the access path.

This evening we went to spoil island B on the Sanibel Causeway to watch the sunset.

The sunset was very pretty, but the usual rainy season clouds were missing.  I truly love those clouds, but when the clouds leave, the humidity drops and that's a good thing.  The breeze was cool, making a pleasant evening to relax as the day ended.

Well, that is until this couple, probably in their late 60's, came roaring in beside us.  After a few minutes, they shut the noisy thing off, got off for a couple minutes, then he got back on and fired it up again, drove a circle around her, parked it closer to the water and shut it off again.  Now, I've seen lots of people taking photos of each other with a sunset in the background, but this was a first!  They stood back, while he took pictures of the cycle (by itself) as the sun went down.  After that, he got back on, cranked it up, revved the engine several times, she climbed on and they roared away.  Yep, another one of those things that make you go......hmmm.

After the sun was down, I walked along the water's edge to see what was there.  Usually there are no shells worth picking up in this area.  I found one little cone, so that made me keep looking.  In just a few minutes we had picked up 17 of them.  One Florida cone was fine, there was a little color left on a couple of others, but the rest were white.  There was also a Rose petal telin and (I think) an Eastern Nassa.I could use some verification on that one. :) I looked until I didn't have enough light to see very well.  I had found little minis in a couple of other areas on the causeway islands, but none right there.  That turned out to be entertaining and fun.


Gayle said...

Who knows, maybe they have a blog with photos of the bike at a 100 beaches?

Looks like such a beautiful night to relax. I sure hope I get to spend some time on a beach someday. I think I've been to the beach, maybe, 14 days total my entire life. I love the sand in my toes.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Beautiful pictures as always -- my husband is leaving tonight to drive to Cape Coral to pick up a boat -- Too bad it's a turn around trip and we can't turn it into some sort of mini beach vaca. Oh well. Sanibel will be calling my name in May....looking forward to it.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nice collection of little cones. I haven't found many of those, but I'm hoping to soon!

NanaDiana said...

Hello Tootie- Another fine day on Sanibel, I see. Those last few shells are beauties. I got a kick out of the part about being dizzy and clumsy even without heat exhaustion! Me too! LOL-They don't call me Grace for nothing!

The biker might be in love with his bike and takes a picture of it with a girlfried every time he switches girls...Hey! You never know! Hugs- Diana