Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sanibel and Bahama Shelling

After an appointment just after noon today, I went to resident access 7 on West Gulf Drive. 

It was a little hot, but the wind helped keep me cool enough to stay for a while.

There really weren't many people around,
not even by the Blue Dolphin Cottages.

The shelling left a lot to be desired.

The birds all seemed happy to find
little Coquinas for a snack.

This is an awful picture, but it gives
you an idea of what I found.  Only one
little treasure today; a little Horn Shell.

We took three lady friends, off island in the sad lane, to the airport this afternoon.  They were on their way back to West Virginia after spending a couple of days here, then going to the Bahamas on a shelling trip for a week and back to Sanibel again for 3 more days.  They had a great time.  (Except for leaving today.)

On the way back to Sanibel, this was the view from the causeway.

 These are just three of the nearly 100 pounds of shells the ladies found in a week.  I think they said the one in the center is an Angular Triton; it's a little over 4" long.  One on left side was a Smooth Scotch Bonnet and a type of Lace Murex on the right.  The murex was a pretty peach color on the other side.  They brought us a big Sea Biscuit, some little Black Lace Murex, a small Black Tulip and a small (I think) Milk Conch.  It was fun hearing all about their shelling experiences.

If you are on Sanibel this week, you might be interested to know about road work being done. 
The Sanibel Public Works Dept. sent out the message below:

Sanibel-Captiva Road Resurfacing Begins


As part of the City of Sanibel's Annual Street Resurfacing Project, the paving of Sanibel-Captiva Road from Gulf Pines Drive to Blind Pass has started. Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to the public. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained at all times. Users of Sanibel-Captiva Road should plan on additional travel time when accessing or leaving the west end of Sanibel and/or Captiva. The public is reminded to please DRIVE SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY through the area when workers are present.


NanaDiana said...

Ahhh...a quiet day on Sanibel...shelling heaven...even when the shells are not what you are hoping to find...there is always tomorrow. I love the cloud patterns~ Diana

Kaybe said...

Oh that Triton is a huge find. Now Tootie, fess up....are you sure your friends didn't sneak off to Periwinkle Blvd while they were there ;) Always love your sky pics.

Take good care,


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I know all about the sad lane over the causeway. But I'm looking forward to the happy lane soon! LOVE the picture right above the shells, with the light pouring out of the clouds. Great shot.
Nice shells from the Bahamas. Where did they stay? I may have to consider branching out a bit...

Gayle said...

I think I would like to sit on your beach and watch the birds. You have such a variety.

Looks like they hit the motherlode on shells!

Bird said...

I'm also very curious where your friends went in the Bahamas to find the fab shells. Do you know which island in the Bahamas? I've heard there is some good shelling on Eleuthera...

Tootie said...

Yes Bird, it was Eleuthera. They loved it there and really enjoyed their trip. I do know from their stories that they worked very hard to find their shells, but thought it was definitely worth it.

iLoveShelling said...

Wow! We need to get to Eleuthera. That triton and the other 2 are FABULOUS!