Friday, January 1, 2010

Sanibel Rain

Well......if you want a glimpse of the first day of 2010 on Sanibel Island, here goes! :-) It was pretty soggy for a while.

Went off-island this afternoon to an IMAX 3D movie, Avatar. It poured down rain all the way there. Let me just say, the movie was awesome! I have never cared much for sci-fi or computer-generated movies, but this one held my attention to the end, and it was a long movie. We had dinner at the Islamorada Fish Company after the movie, very good!

The temperature had dropped a little by the time we left the theater and the rain had stopped. The high temperature today was 70 and it's 54 now. All in all, a pretty good day.

This is the view from the causeway today.

A couple of guys were kite boarding in the rain. But were quiting.
Kites down! :-)

The temperature is predicted to drop to 42 tonight. Brrrr! I'm feeling bad for the visitors on island now. Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny. But, it won't be a very warm day if it doesn't get over 62 like they are saying on the weather. The worst is the 32 degree low tomorrow night. I just hope that doesn't happen.

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Kathi said...

Sanibel is still beautiful even in the rain! I can't believe it will get down to 32 there today! That is just too chilly for Florida!!!