Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Cold Sanibel Day

Today the low was 45 degrees and the high was only 49. In the wee morning hours, we got about 1/10" of rain. It’s been more than 30 years since Southwest Florida has seen a streak of cold temperatures like the ones we're having now. The average daytime temperature for this time of year is 75. I read that this weather pattern has to do with El Nino, which also kept us out of harm's way this past hurricane season. So, I think we can deal with it. However, I am feeling very sorry for those who planned this week at Sanibel for their yearly vacation. It has to be very disappointing. I think quite a few of those vacationers are making the best of it. We went to the east end of the island at the Buttonwood Lane beach access this afternoon and we weren't the only ones there. Most people walking on the beach had on jackets with a hood. There was one lady jogging, who must have been from some frozen place up north, because she had on shorts and t-shirt. I'm not sure why she needed a sweatband around her head, I didn't notice, maybe it was covering her ears. The northwest wind really felt cold and it was hurting my ears.

In the upper part of this photo and in the center, you can see another load coming in hoping for warmth.

There's a treasure in this photo. :-)

This was the view from the Bay end of Buttonwood Lane today. Very windy with a mist of water spray in the air.

I came home with a few little treasures. I was hoping to find some Wentletraps or Baby Ears, but no such luck.

One of my regular visitors, Pam, has an interesting post that most of you would like to read. The title is Supermarket Shelling. Take a look at some of the crafty little items she has made, while you are there. :-) She also has another blog that is really good, you will want to check it out too. I love the ornament with the Sanibel shells on top. And, it's well worth the time to keep clicking on 'Older Posts' to see more. She has some wonderful ideas. Snowbird, this is one of her posts that you must see. :-)


Pam said...

Wow! A sand dollar! I don't think that in the 30 years I've shelled Sanibel's beaches I've ever found a sand dollar. That's a real treasure, Tootie!

Gayle said...

I have some really big sand dollars from when I was in California. Very pretty.

Oh, it would be such a bummer to be on vacation. A cold beach isn't the same as a warm one. I hope you get your sun back soon.

Maya said...

I so wish it was 45 degrees here! I have never found a sanddollar like that either..., only damages ones.