Monday, December 14, 2009

Pointe Santo Saturday

Sorry I've been very slow in getting a post ready; haven't been feeling too good. These are photos that I took Saturday evening at Pointe Santo. There was a large assortment of shells on the beach, but nothing spectacular. I heard that the shelling was pretty good at Blind Pass lately. The weather has been super! We have low 80's in the daytime and nights are cool.

The first two photos are of the new tree plantings as you go onto the Causeway from Sanibel. Far on the right you can see rows of trees that were just planted along the parking area at the boat ramp. There are also a couple rows of trees on the left and you can see the large palms on each side of the street with the fuller tops.
Just a peek at a few palms on the left, just planted as you approach the first island. There are many more planted there and it's looking very nice!

Pointe Santo de Sanibel

Just one of those things that makes you go, Hmmm????

Christmas tree near the pool.

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gpc said...

I hope you feel a lot better soon - at least you aren't missing any super shelling! :-/