Friday, August 28, 2009

McT's On A Sanibel Friday

For many years McT's Shrimp House and Tavern was considered, by many, to be one of their favorite Sanibel Island restaurants. But the past few years, it seemed to me that the food quality had declined, and after a couple of bad experiences, I had decided not to go there anymore.

A few weeks ago a new manager took over McT's. He has made many changes, such as food quality, cleanliness, new menu and lower prices. They have also added a few more pieces of shrimp, etc. His goal is to make McT's the place it was known to be in the past, and to bring all of the old customers back again along with new.

We went there this evening to give it another go. I am very glad we did. Those at our table, ordered a variety of foods and we were all very pleased. I could tell a definite change in the quality of the food I ordered. I also think they have the best bread on the island. Our server, gave us excellent service and the manager made more than one trip to our table to get our opinion on the improvements and the make sure we were pleased with our food. I can honestly say that we are looking forward to going back.

If you are on the island or coming back soon, be sure to stop by McT's and try it yourself. If you are not happy with your experience, the manager's name is Brian. Be sure to let him know if you give it a thumbs up, or down. :-)

This guy was sure enjoying his King Crab legs. The order was for a pound, but it certainly looked more like two pounds, and he said they were great!
As we left McT's, the clouds looked interesting, which made me want to watch the sunset. We stopped at the first causeway island and saw a pink cotton candy show as the sun was going down.

A bright pink cloud was hanging over the lighthouse.

View on the way back to the island.


Snowbird said...

I'm so glad to hear that McT's is under new management. Do they still have the Sanibel Steamer?

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

thanks for the amazing sunset views! we will have to hit the causeway islands a bit more this year. I'm thinking we should be hitting McT's too!! Look at that crab leg!!