Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blind Pass Thursday

It was 65 degrees last night and up to 82 today. It was breezy today, so low 80's feels very nice; not hot at all. After doing some errands, like picking up a couple of Kiwanis coupon books for the restaurants here and a stop at the bank, drove on out to Blind Pass to check out the progress being made with the dredging project.

There is still a lot of work to be done before the newly scheduled finish date of July 8th. A small part of the containment cell has been opened and it looks like sand is in piles to be trucked away. There is water all the way under the bridge now, nearly to the containment cell.

Several people were fishing on the Captiva side of the pass. I saw no shells in sight there.

On the way back, walking across the bridge, I saw a boat come under the bridge, making it's way toward the bay. It was just a small boat with one of the project employees in it. But it was strange to see, even though it didn't come from the gulf yet. I could see a fish swimming on the bay side of the bridge and another one a little further away, that jumped out of the water.

Much better viewed in HD on YouTube, by clicking on screen below.
Gulf side of Blind Pass Bridge

Turner Beach/Captiva side of Blind Pass

Bay side of the bridge.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Lots of work going on there, Tootie. When I was in Galveston this past week, I was so pleased that they had brought LOTS of sand to the beaches around there. Hurricane Ike had done so much damage last Sept. BUT---I was pleased that progress had been made.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wow! Huge amounts of sand yet to be moved. Where will they take it? Didn't you say that's the sand they don't feel is fit to be put back on the beach? What will they use it for? Anxious to see the finished project up close and personal!!

George said...

We'll be going to the beach in North Carolina in about a week, so we hope we have beautiful weather like you've been enjoying. The dredging project looks as if it's coming along very nicely.