Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweatshirt Tuesday

If you were out in the sun today, it was great. The sun felt hot and the breeze was cool. Made a trip overseas to Publix for groceries early afternoon. It was windy and the water was choppy. There were several people a little way out from a causeway island windsurfing. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

The sunset was pretty and surprised me by showing up some clouds near the horizon that proved there were some clouds today afterall. There weren't many people on the beach to watch the sunset, but the ones who were, were all wearing jackets.

When evening rolled around, it got chilly. I changed into jeans and sweatshirt. Daughter and SIL still thought it was warm. ???? Of course they have to go back to temperatures in the 20's. I remember how awful it was to get back from a trip to Sanibel and walk out into the cold wind. Brrr!!!!

I feel bad for them because Becky really isn't feeling well. She wanted to go out to The Hungry Heron to eat last night and suffered through that ok, but was awake until 4 AM this morning because she couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. Last night and tonight the pain became nearly unbearable. SIL talked to her Dr. several times this week and he has called prescriptions here for her, but can't give her anything stronger by phone.

Tonight she thought she felt like going to eat at Timbers. But, shortly after our dinner came she just couldn't take it anymore. We boxed up their dinners and brought it back home. After a phone call to the doctor again, made by SIL from Timbers, the Dr. said to give her more of the pills he had prescribed. She finally got enough relief by the time we got home, that she was able to eat and even had a little nap. We watched part of a basketball game and then took them back to the condo. I packed her things so that they would have time to spend on the beach in the morning before they have to leave, around 3 PM.

I'm really worried about her sitting on a plane for over 2 hrs. tomorrow evening because she can't sit in one position for very long. I changed their air to first class, hoping that will make the trip home more comfortable for them. Becky thinks her side and back pain is caused from pleursy, because she has had it before and says it feels the same. Her Dr. agreed with her and will see her on Thursday to do an X-Ray.


gpc said...

How hard for Becky, how awful for you and SIL. My thoughts and prayers join yours. I am so sorry you all have to go through this.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

That last picture is stunning!
I am so glad Becky and hub. had such a great time.And the trip home will be even worse,not only because they're leaving,but, also, because of the weather they're going home to.Brrrrr....... All the best to Becky and her family.

Snowbird said...

Oh, poor Becky. I feel so badly for her. I am a wimp when it comes to pain so I can't even imagine what she is going through. I wondered about the plane trip too. Hopefully 1st class will help some. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

And, brrrrr. Wish it would warm up!!

Mare said...

Beautiful. =)

And I'll be thinking good thoughts for Becky for her trip home.

Gayle said...

Your photos are breath-taking. It is wonderful that Becky was able to make the trip and have such special time with you and with her husband. Best wishes to her...

Dale said...

Breathtaking photos, Tootie! My thoughts were with Becky today - hoping the trip wasn't too uncomfortable for her.