Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Run Around Wednesday

After a trip off the island, I took a couple of pictures from the causeway on the return, around 5:00 PM. You can tell from the photos that there wasn't going to be any sunset to see this evening.

It was a little cooler last night and it got up to around 80 today. This afternoon it was cloudy with some scattered showers.

There weren't very many fishermen on the two causeway islands, but there were a few boats out. I didn't see anyone having a picnic; that's unusual. It was windy and the water on the south side of the causeway was very choppy. I could see kites flying again over by the lighthouse, indicating that the kite surfers were back.

Went to Jerry's Restaurant around 6:00 for dinner. I had their pork loin special, it was good, especially the pork and gravy, the rest was ok. I like the breakfast at Jerry's and their prices are very reasonable. Plus you can do some quick grocery shopping before you leave. It is even possible to order your groceries online before
you leave home, to have them ready for you to pick up, or they will deliver them to your vacation destination, all put away and ready for you. Jerry's of Sanibel is located at 1700 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957. 239-472-9300

The grocery store and restaurant are both a part of the small shopping plaza that houses a variety of shops that feature jewelry, clothing, shoes, liquor, art, gift items, vacation and beach supplies, among other things.

In the center of the plaza, on a lower level you will see a beautiful tropical garden, featuring a very pretty water fall and a variety of real tropical birds in cages. They are entertaining, to say the least. Some of them talk and one of them will even whistle a tune for you. That is, if you walk around a corner a just wait a while, listening. I've yet to get the bird to do it while I'm standing there. There are plenty of benches around to sit down for a rest while someone else shops and also a couple of picnic tables in the garden. This is a nice place to take the kids. There is also parking under the building, for those rainy days.

That's the end of another peaceful day in 'Paradise'.


Snowbird said...

We go to breakfast at Jerry's every Tuesday morning. I love their breakfasts--and the service is always friendly and good. We also do most of our shopping there. Great store.

Melli said...

Hm... I bet if I call Jerry's they will NOT deliver to my *new* beach kitchen... which might be unveiled sOMetime in the halfway near future!
I guess I will have to wait until I am actually ON Sanibel Island... one day... ohhhhh ONE day!

It was mighty gray down there yesterday -- but I can LOVE a gray beach too!