Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Cool Rainy Day

Temps in the 50's here today and a little rain off and on.  It quit for a while and we decided to check the beach to see if there were any shells.  By the time we walked  out Resident Beach Access #2, it had started raining again.  Luckily I had an umbrella, so we continued on.  There were only a couple people in either direction. 
At first I only saw a lot of broken shell pieces, but then we spied an area with shells.  I only picked up a handful to carry home in my pocket, but they are cute little shells. :)



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Debbie said...

Oh, I love your little shells!! I love scooping up all the tiny ones when we are down on the island!! When the grandkids visit, I leave some little shells out, and they think the Fairies left them as a gift for them. So fun!! I've been away from blogging for quite I am catching up with my favorite blogs today since we are hunkered down inside with a blizzard going on outside. Enjoy your week!