Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turtle Walk 14 and 15

We've been having a great time this summer with visitors and I'll catch you up on that in a later post.
This post is to catch up on the last two turtle walks.

Walk 14 of this season was on August 2nd.

 Sooo happy to see police officers 
doing something about this problem. :)

No new crawls in our zone.

Walk 15 was on Aug 9.  

 There is a green sticker on the chair that was on it before the walk today.  Obviously somebody doesn't care enough about the sea turtles to remove them at night. :(


No turtle activity again today.  There have been no hatches in our zone so far this season, due to high surf from Tropical Storm Debby.  There have been several nests dug at 70 days and there were approximately 80 to 100 plus eggs in each, with none hatched.  Thankfully the West end of the island and Captiva have had some hatches.

There has still been a crawl or two every few days, but nesting is almost finished for the season. Below is where we stand with sea turtle activity as of, August 10, and the previous two years for comparison.

As of August 10, 2012:
Sanibel East- 67 nests, 145 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West- 244 nests, 517 false crawls, 37 hatches
Captiva- 114 nests, 172 false crawls, 16 hatches

As of August 10, 2011:
Sanibel East- 37 nests, 84 false crawls, 11 hatches
Sanibel West- 238 nests, 358 false crawls, 83 hatches
Captiva- 76 nests, 54 false crawls, 39 hatches

As of August 10, 2010:
Sanibel East- 20 nests, 65 false crawls, 2 hatches
Sanibel West- 136 nests, 243 false crawls, 43 hatches
Captiva- 62 nests, 117 false crawls, 24 hatches

Amanda Bryant
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
3333 Sanibel-Captiva Rd.
Sanibel, FL 33957


sue in mexico mo said...

I love reading about your turtle walks, even tho it saddens me to see the stuff people leave on the beach at night. It is a well known fact in our family that I report all offenders!

Thanks for sharing the walk with us.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Some people just don't have a clue! I hope the Sanibel PD follows up. Not sure how they would find those people, but perhaps they can collect all the beach toys and have a fundraiser where they sell them all! See you in October!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

Hello Tootie,
Do the shells made into designs hurt the turtles like the sand castle sand holes do? I wil be coming in Oct and while turtle season is over I'd like to teach my 4 year old niece to be aware of what we do and leave on the beach affects the animals who make their home there.
I can't wait to make my trip. We normally stay at Oceans Reach. This time it wasn't available so we've chosen Pelicans Roost. I love Oceans Reach but imagine I'll love Pelicans too.
I cannot see a great formation of clouds without thinking of you.
Your pictures are eautiful. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to each of your posts

Tootie said...

The shell designs on the beach probably won't cause any problems for the baby turtles, if they are flat. I have seen babies try to crawl over a pretty small mound of sand and slide down the side and flip over on it's back and then couldn't get turned back over. That probably wouldn't happen often, but it's much better if you keep the sand art flat on the beach.
Thanks for being a teacher. :))

Tootie said...

Sue, that gets a thumbs up from me. And probably the turtles would give you a flipper up too. :)