Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turtle Walk 12

Thursday, July 19 was our 12th walk of the season.  Gary and Amanda (visiting Grand daughter), started out with high hopes that Amanda would get to see a turtle crawl, up close and personal. :)

Having had rain over night, it was warm and humid.  A very hazy sky, partially hiding the sunrise.

I can only imagine how much Sponge Bob is missing Sandy the squirrel about now.

Our Miss Amanda, Assistant Turtle Walker. :)

No signs of turtle crawls on this morning.  I hope that doesn't mean the girls are slowing down, but instead still working hard to make up for many lost nests.

Sea Turtle activity as of July 20th.  A few of the nests we believed wouldn’t hatch due to TS Debby have hatched. The hatch success on these nests is low, but some hatchlings are better than none! 

As of 7/20/2012:
Sanibel East: 65 nests, 135 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West: 227 nests, 484 false crawls, 14 hatches
Captiva: 110 nests, 157 false crawls, 6 hatches

Two previous years for comparison.

As of 7/20/2011:
Sanibel East: 35 nests, 79 false crawls, 3 hatches
Sanibel West: 225 nests, 329 false crawls, 26 hatches
Captiva: 71 nests, 50 false crawls, 27 hatches

As of 7/20/2010:
Sanibel East: 15 nests, 61 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West: 115 nests, 222 false crawls, 12 hatches
Captiva: 50 nests, 106 false crawls, 9 hatches
Amanda Bryant
Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
3333 Sanibel-Captiva Rd.
Sanibel, FL 33957


sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks for the report and photos. I love it when you show my favorite place!

Roxanne Reinhart said...

I thought that was Oceans Reach. Now reading Sues comment I know it is.

Thank you for the pics of the island beaches. Can't wait for Oct to get here!!!

Your granddaughter is very beautiful.

Gayle said...

The beach looks so inviting. I really need a vacation... wish it wasn't so expensive to get there from here.

RottenMom said...

Beautiful turtle walker you have there!

I love your comments on the found objects, so funny!

Ivy Lane said...

Haven't been here in awhile... hope you are having a wonderful summer! Love the sunrise photo!