Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Sanibel Day

This was a rainy day, as you can tell from the water standing in our driveway.
I think we had around 1 1/4", but I'm guessing there was more in other parts of the island.  There was a lot of thunder and lightning too.

We went out late this afternoon, after it had calmed down to only a sprinkle, to get a couple things at Jerry's Grocery.

Then we decided to drive over to West Gulf Drive to see what the high surf had done to the beach.  We wanted to go earlier today, but didn't because of the rain.

We pulled in at Access 5 to park, and were shocked to see how fast this new house had gone up.  Last time we were at this access, the lot had been cleared and an area marked off for the house.  I've always thought this was the prettiest beach access on WGD, but I'm afraid that's changed.  This house is huge and it goes from one side of the lot all the way to the house on the other side.  Maybe it will look different after landscaping is done.

Small pool for such a big house??

Seems the high surf brought in a lot of sand instead of eroding the beach.

This turtle nest appears to have been washed over with the high surf. :(

This rock caught my attention because it looks like a prehistoric fish fossil to me. :)  I even had to carry it home with me.  Yes, I pick up some strange stuff.

There were shells up at higher tide lines and much of that had been there for quite some time. 

Right in front of Access 6, people had dug deep holes at least a couple months ago and folks are still digging there, making them wider and deeper.

The rain got heavier and it was time to go.


Gayle said...

The water looks really "muddy" to me when you are in a stormy time. I guess that is because it is so rough and stirring up sand? Even in crappy weather I would go to the beach. The time we were in Ft. Meyers it wasn't exactly great, but I loved it! :)

Tink *~*~* said...

Well, at least there was one nice orange shell for you to pick up - and I did see a faded tulip up in the high shell line too. Thanks for the cyber-shelling - wish there was more, but that beach just looks BARE considering all the wave action!


Savvy said...

Even stormy days at the beach are good days, right? :) Montana is hot and dry still. I'm ready for fall...not so ready for winter, though. Still trying to figure out how to skip over that bit...

George said...

I don't understand why people dig holes at the beach and then leave them. I'm sorry to hear about the turtle nest.
We've had 6 inches of rain since Sunday evening.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm surprised at the lack of shells given all the wind and wave action. Still, I wish I were there to at least look....