Friday, January 21, 2011

Warm Sanibel Sunshine

We had another sunny 75 degree day!  Woo~Hoo!  My Grandchildren were telling me they were getting 5" of snow today and were wishing for a snow day.   I'm walking around in shorts and a t shirt.    If you need a snow day, maybe you had better come here so you can enjoy it. :)

This evening we were driving on West Gulf Dr and the sky was a brilliant pink color, from a great sunset.  By the time I walked out to the beach at Pointe Santo, I had just missed it.  I could just barely see the top edge of the sun.

 There were a lot of people at the Tarpon Bay
public beach, watching the sunset.

There weren't a lot of shells
and they were mostly Arks.

Several of you have asked to see my new puppy pack. it is!
I'm not at all sure if this is going to work out for beach walks.  I love it, it fits him perfectly and is comfortable to carry.  He was ok with it when I put it on him, for about 10 minutes or so, then he decided he wanted out.  So I didn't force him to stay in it, hoping not to ruin the idea.  So, it will depend upon a trial run, for a longer period of time.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I just don't know......
I think I see that 'HELP ME.....HELP ME' look.
Or that, I can't believe she put me in a bag, look


NanaDiana said...

Your puppy in the carrier is just the cutest thing ever. One way to keep yourself warm on a chilly day. Hugs-Diana

gpc said...

The pink skies on Sanibel are unlike anyplace I've been. We sometimes get reds and oranges here, but that pink is rarely seen up here. Love it. The puppy carrier is too cute, I bet you get lots of looks when you are wearing it!

George said...

Puffin looks cute in the puppy pack, but I think you may be right about the look on his face.

Unknown said...

I already told you wha I think of the puppy it looks like you're trying to neutar him. :) But he is cute!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Hi, the puppy is cute! I used to put my lab in my rucksack when she was 6 wks old and go hicking. Just got back from FL, but didn't make it to Sanibel. Have a great weekend.

Brianne said...

I laughed. I'm sorry it had to be at Puffin's expense. I think at that age if they aren't doing just what they want it is always a "help me" look anyway. Thank you for the picture. It must be impossible for you to do anything at the beach except stop so people can pet an oogle over that cutie. Have fun. Peace. Brianne

Unknown said...

Now you just need the doggie stroller & you'll be all set.

Take good care,


RottenMom said...

Wow! I didn't know they made those! Puffin is so darn adorable!

mcnaught5 said...

I really need to hug that puppy! Rub your face in his belly for me Tootie!