Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sanibel No-see-um Alert :)

This evening we went to a beach access on the east end of the island.  The temperature was just right, at that time, around 74.  Seemed to be a nice time for a beach walk.

There were LOTS of tiny shells!  My favorites!  YAY!!!

Just after I took a couple pictures, I bent over to look closer at the shells. I was instantly attacked by swarming no-see-ums. After that, I couldn't even slow down long enough to get the camera to focus. After swatting at them a few times, we ran back to the access path to get away.  So, that turned out to be a 5 minute stay and couldn't even look at shells, let alone pick up any.  Grrr!

It was a no-see-um alert; TRUE STORY!
I turned to take one last pic when I reached the access path.

Note to self:  Don't wait until evening to go for a walk!  Or...pray for wind!


NanaDiana said...

Oh I always hated those things, Tootie! And we have Bay Flies which you can see but they are awful during a hatch in May...and then they just kind of disappear...and they don't bite...they just swarm and are annoying. I guess someone else got your share of shells! Hugs-Diana

sue in mexico mo said...

I always assumed you locals didn't get bit by the no-see-ums!

I thought they only bit visitors to the island. LOL

I hope you didn't get too many bites.

The Florida Blogger said...

I'm surprised those little buggers have been quieted by the cold weather.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Dang those pesky things anyway!!! They are a real pain!!

Gayle said...

Usually August is our bad month with swarms so thick you can't stay outside. I only saw a handful of them this year which was so odd, but wonderful. Maybe you can get to the beach during the day with an umbrella so the sun doesn't get to you.