Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Fun in the Sanibel Sun

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I've been having fun spending time with visiting family.  Here's a few peeks at what's been going on. :)

Son-in-Law, Grandson, Grand Daughter and her husband, and Great Grandson.  Arrived at the airport on Saturday.  Since then, there's been a whirlwind of fun!

Sunday Son-In-Law and Grandson went with us to the Sanibel Grill to meet up with our Indiana lady friends, to watch the Colt's game.

Time on the beach with our little cutie!  He loves the water, but doesn't like the sand too much. 
He just started walking a few weeks ago, and now has to do it all on his own.  He made it all the way from the water, back across the sand, without falling once.  He was very proud of himself. :)

The little beach socks that I ordered for him are working great!  Water shoes let sand and tiny pieces of shells get into them and are not very comfortable for little ones.  That doesn't happen with the beach socks and there is just enough covering on the bottom to protect their feet from the shells.

We've been going to island restaurants that they want to try.  Kaden is such a pleasant little guy and so easy to take out for dinner.

Kaden's first birthday will be after they return home, so we had a little party here last night.

The cake came from Jerry's bakery department.  I just called the afternoon before, explained to the lady what I wanted and this was the result.  I think she did an excellent job of decorating! It was a white and chocolate marbeled cake, very moist and good! 

More fun to follow....


Don said...

Debbie and I were beginning to worry about you. Glad you were only having fun with the family.

But a week without Tootie's Sanibel pics, is a like a week without sunshine.

What a cute baby.

Beach House Living said...

Looks like a grand time everyone is smiling so much.

The cake is just darling!

Jeanne said...

AWE....I LOVED seeing your blog today! Keep having LOTS of fun!!!!
I missed reading also.....I knew you were enjoying the family....BUT I kept checking each day.....since your on my favorites bar....LOL

Gayle said...

Cute baby; cute mama; adorable family.

So nice for you to have them there to visit. Sounds like a fun time.

Water socks...I bet they'd be more comfortable than water shoes, too.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Whew! Glad to see you back here, Tootie! I was beginning to have "Tootie Withdrawal" symptoms! lol!
Adorable family, girl! And Kaden is such a cutie patootie! Jerry's cakes and pies are the best, aren't they? We can devour an entire keylime pie in one sitting! :) Hope you had a blessed time this past week!

xoxo laurie

NanaDiana said...

What a lovely family. It makes life worthwhile, doesn't it? Hugs-Diana

Rita said...

Hey Tootie:

I'm leaving Indiana in the morning for 10 days in, from what I understand, will be some perfect weather.

AND, I hear tomorrow the Stone Crab Claws are back.

Husband went down today and got the place ready, including getting in some fresh shrimp cocktail from Beach Seafood Market on the bay in Fort Myers.

I would have loved to have watched our grandkids toddle their way on a beach. Happy Birthday to the precious little guy.

GO COLTS. I packed our #18 jerseys to wear on Sunday, do you know if the game will be broadcast down there or will we have to find a sports bar to watch?

sue in mexico mo said...

Good looking family! :-)

Love the cake.

Dave said...

Tootie, that young Kaden is a real cutie! - Dave

Colton Junod said...

GO COLTS!! (We are from Indiana too)

gpc said...

I like the way you start 'em early, and have that little great grand walking the beach before he's even a year old! He is adorable! I've never seen the beach socks, they look perfect - where did you get them?