Thursday, September 23, 2010

Overseas and Back to Sanibel

There were some beautiful clouds near the Sanibel Lighthouse as we drove across the causeway this afternoon.

I know this is a little weird!  I'm not sure why there was a pink pig waving at us as we drove past. 

On the way back, I enjoyed looking at the sunrays shining up from behind the clouds.

I went out to the Sanibel Causeway to watch the sunset again, because there were such nice clouds as we drove home.  As soon as I started across the first bridge, I could see the sun; big and a reddish orange color, somewhat filtered by clouds.
By the time I got parked, the sun had disappeared, but it was still a beautiful sight.

Looking back over my shoulder, across the street and toward Ft Myers Beach.  There was a neat looking blue shape next to the moon.

Sanibel Lighthouse

The light was beginning to fade.


Gayle said...

Very entertaining pig!

The shot with the rays behind the clouds is amazing!!

Dave said...

Nice sea, sun and cloud photos Tootie. Sorry about Sam - Dave

Don said...

Keep the pictures coming. I love the rays too.

Jane said...

Beautiful photos of the clouds. There is nothing quite like a coastal Florida sky...
Jane (artfully graced)

The Bocchinos said...

Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I'm hoping I'm better for our weekend trip! I'm so looking forward to it!
Your pictures are beautiful and totally adding to my excitement about the trip!


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful skies! And...I'm loving that Pink Pig...Do you have Piggly Wiggly stores or was he advertising a BBQ?

I have a free magazine drawing over at my blog if you are interested at all- Hugs- Diana

Heaven's Walk - said...

(big sigh.....!) Your photos always calm me and sooth my soul, Tootie. Sooooo beautiful......

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk