Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Under Sanibel Clouds

We were just ready to leave for the beach this afternoon when it began to rain.  It didn't last very long, so we decided to go before the next rain.  We quickly drove over to the east end and parked at the Buttonwood beach access.  Just as we got out, the wind started getting stronger.

We hurried out the boardwalk and after a quick look to the left,

then a quick look to the right, we knew our time was going to be limited.

There were sure not many other fools
 out on this beach, not even near
the Sanibel Lighthouse. :)

The wind was pushing me back and forth, making it difficult to take a photo.  Would you believe it, if I told you that it was cool on the beach and some of those wind gusts were actually cold?  One lady wearing a bathing suit (the only person I saw) walked past me, and said she was cold.  I thought it was beautiful out, I love going to the beach in the rain.

With such strong wind, the birds
were having trouble taking off.  I think it might
have been a little like a plane trying to take off
with the flaps down.
The top one, was hovering in one spot
for a few seconds.

Finally the wind seemed to pick them up
to send them on their way.

This one looked at us, as if to say,
"So, you thought we wouldn't make it?"

From a distance, when I saw something long and white, I got a little excited thinking it was an Angel Wing.  After a little closer look, I realized it was a piece of plastic.  I carried it with me anyway, to put in the trash.

No matter how threatening the clouds looked when we got to the beach, I still wandered a little too far away.  I had my head down, looking closely for shells.  When I looked up, I knew it was time to go!  Just after I turned around to start back, the rain started.  There was no need to try using my umbrella because the wind was so strong, I could hardly stand up. Wow!
Those dark clouds were sending rain pelting down, as we ran for the car.  I was nearly soaked when we got there.

There was very little to pick from, even after very close inspection, and this was all I carried home in my pocket.


Dave said...

You certainly captured the weather conditions, including the wind Tootie - Dave

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I'm with you. I love the beach in the rain. And the wind keeps the noseeums away! I watched it rain for a bit yesterday afternoon, too!

Looks like the pool at Pointe Santo may be finished on time (Oct 1st). I hope so!!

Kaybe said...

Hi Tootie,

Pam from iLoveShelling calls the rain "shell showers". Come on NW winds. Bring on those goodies.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hey Tootie - ya know, every time I visit you and see your beautiful photos I can picture myself walking that beach with you. Heads bowed to the wind, eyes searching the sand for treasures, while the roar of the waves surround us. (sigh!) And dear friend, you brought tears to my eyes after reading your comment on my blog. Such sweet memories. I do believe that blogging definitely brings to everyone's minds treasured memories from days past that we hold dear in our hearts. Times and faces that we will never, ever forget...Bless you, sweetie....

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Hi Tootie :):) All your photos are very pretty,Thank you for sharing. On our last trip we saw so many pelicans in a group and a dolphin too, the pelicans didnt seem to mind...they were all fishing for food so close to each other. No matter what the weather is like Sanibel is always a treat, hope the weather cools a bit for our November trip.