Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sanibel's Cold Temps Linger

The low temperature last night was 40 degrees and the high today 56, so the cold still lingers on a little longer. The wind today was from the NNW with gusts up to 12. It was sunny and really didn't feel that cold or windy to me. I was comfortable walking on the beach this afternoon in jeans, a short sleeve T shirt and a light weight sweatshirt.

We went to resident access 3 and from there walked east past access 1, then turned around and walked west to access 4. There were a lot of people shelling in front of Mitchell's Sandcastles. You will see from the pictures, there were lots more shells in that area, just for a short distance. I really didn't look carefully because the kinds I saw didn't interest me much. I did pick up a few, but nothing great, except my tiny mac n' cheese. If you worked really hard at it by putting in some time walking, watching, digging and got out early in the morning, there are probably some very nice shells to be found. Most of the people there seemed to be having a good time, except a few that I saw sitting around in chairs with a coat on and a blanket. Lets just say, they weren't smiling. I guess if you were sitting still it might have been a little chilly.

There were a few birds out today, which I assume is a good sign. I didn't see as many dead fish on the beach today as there were yesterday. Hopefully another good sign.

I suppose if you only had a few days left of your vacation, it would be worth walking around in cold water to find shells. :-) Ok, yes, I've been known to do it a few times myself.

The lady on the left, got tired of bending over and was sitting down in the shells, just digging away. Now let me think, I do believe I know a few other people who do that. :-)

Just had to video the shells rolling back and forth for a couple of you ladies. You know who you are! This can be your 'Calgon Take Me Away' film.

This was taken in front of Mitchell's Sandcastles near resident access 4 off of West Gulf Dr. There was a large tidal pool and shell pile there. Many of the shells are broken.

This was a small cove on the beach near Mitchell's Sandcastles. Shells were just washing in and following the shape of the cove before washing back out.

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation sent out some information in an email today. You can read it at this site.

I think you would be interested in an article titled, 'Cold snap kills, injures Florida turtles, manatees, iguanas, and fish', along with pictures and video.

A manatee died this morning on a Marco Island beach.

I think it is just amazing to know that so many people are taking the time to help our wildlife survive.


Gayle said...

I am sure I would have been the grumpy gus in the chair with the blanket. Just totally sucks that you have cold weather. Sucks mostly for the animals, but the tourists as well. What a way to spend you leave! I would totally sit down to look for shells. My back is horrible and I could never do the Sanibel Stoop. I would need a bucket. I want to visit you on the hottest week of the year! :) Hope you get relief soon.

bobbie said...

I love your videos, Tootie. I know I would be out there, bold or not, shell hunting.

Mare said...

I loved the snowman made of shells. How creative!

I've missed reading your blog, and hope to find the time to drop in more often. =)