Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Windy Sanibel Wednesday

This evening, when starting to walk up the path at resident beach access 2 on West Gulf Drive, I started coughing. It got worse as I neared the beach. I knew right away that the lady with a home on WG Drive, who left a comment on a previous post, was absolutely correct about there being Red Tide in the air. I was coughing so much by the time I went onto the beach, I had a hard time staying there long enough to take photos. I only walked straight out, saw one dead fish on the beach, turned around and hurried back up the path. My eyes and nasal passages were burning before I reached the parking area again. I don't know if there is Red Tide in the water here now, but it is definitely airborne. There was a strong NW wind and the surf was rough. I can tell you that I won't go back to the beach until the wind changes direction. Other than that, it was a great day here. We had some heavier rain, very early this morning, that measured a little over a half inch. There were a couple of lite showers later today. The low temperature last night was 71 and the high today, 78 with around 85% humidity. I can certainly live with that. You just know when something unpleasant comes to this little island, it isn't going to be here long.

There were very few shells to be seen anywhere.

The clouds were so pretty, I had to turn around, two times to get another photo
as I was going up the path.

Best when viewed in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.


Gayle said...

That sand looks wonderful to me right now as we have inches on snow falling. I would love to dig my toes in it (once the Red Tide is gone!). Hope you are back to shelling soon.

Pam said...

What a shame that the red tide is still around in your area, Tootie. We were on Lighthouse Beach yesterday and didn't see even a hint of red tide anywhere. During low tide, which began around 2:30 pm and ended around 5:30 or so, the shelling was phenomenal for us. I came home with 307 wentletraps, many of them quite large, a couple dozen baby ears, a handful of venus clams (which I hardly ever see anymore), lots of apple murex and dosinias and all sorts of other species. Another sheller told me that someone found a perfect Junonia there, too. Wish it had been me!

Glennis said...

Natural beach with the ocean rolling in, reminds me of when I lived at Rarangi Beach it looked a lot like this. Picton is also coastal but the waters are very sheltered we never get waves rolling in.