Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Sanibel Beach Report

I stayed away from the beach today waiting for the report below, which I just received. For those who may have an interest in it, you'll find it below. As for weather, I don't think it could get any better, I would call it perfect. :-)

Sanibel Beach Conditions - November 3rd

The City of Sanibel's Department of Natural Resources inspected Sanibel beaches this afternoon Tuesday, November 3, 2009. The field report is below:

From the east end of Sanibel Island:

Lighthouse Park
A few dead fish present at wrack line. Minor respiratory symptoms (sore throat, shortness of breath, coughing) that are normally associated with red tide outbreaks were noted on the bay side only. Near the fishing pier, on the bay side of the park, numerous, mostly small dead fish were noted, primarily several species of grunts.

Nerita to Fulgar St. Beach Acesses
This area of the island along Middle Gulf Drive currently has the most dead fish on the beach with about 1 fish per 8 feet of beach and some visible floating near the shore. Most were grunts and catfish. A large number of worm tubes have also washed up along this section and there is a fairly strong odor associated with both the fish and worm tubes.

Gulfside Park
Approximately 1 small dead fish was observed for every 100 feet of shoreline was noted.

Tarpon Bay Road Beach Access to West Gulf Drive Beach Access No. 1
No evidence of red tide was observed from Tarpon Bay Beach access to West Gulf Access 1.

West Gulf Drive Beach Access No. 5 and No. 7
Dead fish were present on the beach at accesses 5 and 7 at a density of approximately 1 per 100' Fish were primarily mullet and catfish and 6-8" grunts, , and 2 spider crabs were also observed.

Bowman's Beach west to Blind Pass
At Bowman's Beach west to Blind Pass, approximately 1 small dead fish per 100 feet was observed, with a higher density, of about one (1) fish every 10 feet' were observed at Turner Beach on Captiva Island. No respiratory irritation was noted at west end beaches.

For questions regarding today's beach field report, please contact the City of Sanibel Natural Resources Department at (239) 472- 3700.

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Gayle said...

Obviously, I am not a beach person as you are, but I remember that red tide when we were in FL in Feb four years ago. It really made me cough. I hope it is gone soon so you can get back to the beach you love so much.