Monday, November 9, 2009

Captiva Wind and Waves

Today we went for a drive out to Captiva and stopped at Turner Beach to check the waves. They were fairly large and quite a few people were trying to surf, the most I've ever seen there at one time. There is a high surf advisory in effect, due to Tropical Storm Ida out in the Gulf. The high temperature for today was 81 degrees and the low was 72, the water temperature in the Gulf is 76. It was cloudy today, but I only saw a couple of drops of rain.

I keep forgetting to mention that the parking area on the Captiva side of Blind Pass has been open for several weeks.

Best watched in HD on YouTube by clicking on screen below.

There were some shells left at the high tide line, but it didn't look like there was anything new coming in. There were a lot of kitten paws there, as usual, but nothing else that I would have picked up.

This couple was relaxing as they watched the surfboarders.

This lady was on a mission to find some special shells.

There were several large holes dug into the sand, which exposed shells underneath, but again, there was nothing of interest to make me want to look through them. I'm sure that if you took the time to search long and hard, there would be a few that would be worth taking. Remember, I have to be very selective because I have too many at home already. To others, I'm sure some of them would look pretty good.

The water was coming up all the way to the row of shells. I kept thinking maybe a Junonia would be left behind, but no such luck. :-) Hopefully the rough water will stir up some shells in the Gulf and they will start rolling in to shore soon.

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Caroline said...

I did find a Junonia the last time we were on Sanibel, after a storm and high waves! It is pretty weathered and has a piece broken out of it, but it is a Junonia, nontheless. I was so surprised and delighted to find it. It is on my dresser with some other special favorites as a reminder of Sanibel trips.