Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Captiva Tuesday

We had another 91 degree day and plenty of sun. It was a great day for a drive out to Captiva, and a stop at Tween Waters Inn, for their Prime Rib Special at the Crow's Nest. Their sign, out front, drew us in. It was very good. By the way, for any of you coming to the island soon, the Monday night crab races will be starting again next week at the Crow's Nest.

Last year we got a SCCF Member Update saying that a colony of Curly-Tailed lizards had established itself on Captiva. They are an invasive species from the Bahamas. It is believed that they arrived in landscaping plants trucked in after Hurricane Charley. They are also known to be in other areas of Florida where plant nurseries are located. At the time of that update, there was hope they could be eradicated and if not, we could expect them on Sanibel in a few years. I have not heard if they have been seen on Sanibel since that time, but I have not personally seen any here. I can tell you that they are still alive and well on Captiva, because while walking up the steps to the Crow's Nest at Tween Waters, I counted 10 of them that were quite frisky. One of them was kind enough to stop for a second to have it's picture taken. Notice that little curly tail.

After dinner we went across the street and out to the beach.

There weren't many shells on the beach.

If you go to Tween Waters Inn, be sure to look around at the different kinds of palm trees they have growing there. The one below is a Bottle Palm.

As we began driving up the road, I could see sun rays shining out from the clouds. That made a beautiful end to a beautiful day.


Kathi said...

I can just feel the stress leaving my body as I read you post and look at these beautiful photos!

RottenMom said...

My favorite place on Earth. Oh, I miss it so. Haven't seen one of the curly tailed lizards yet. I'll have to ask the kids if they saw any in July. He's a cute little guy. Thanks for writing about Captiva. <3

Pam said...

Invasive or not, I love that little curly tailed lizard! What a cutie pie! Sometimes I thoroughly enjoy just sitting back and watching lizards chase insects and each other.

christabelle said...

Beautiful photo's Tootie. Thanks again for sharing. Only two more days to go and I will be basking on the beach there with all you locals. I cannot wait. Your pictures have tided me over until now. Hope to see you shelling.

BC Teoh said...

Beautiful island. Nice pictures. Great blog.

Will hop onto this island/blog again and again.