Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sanibel to Southwest Florida International Airport

One of the things I enjoy, is leaving Sanibel Island for a trip to the Southwest Florida International Airport. That is, now that I live here and I'm not leaving via the 'Sad Lane'. :-) Those of you who visit often, know all about the 'Sad Lane'. When you know you will be coming right back, both lanes across the Sanibel Causeway are considered 'Happy Lanes'.

The second reason I enjoy that trip, is because it means either family or good friends are coming for a visit. This time it was to pick up friends, who made a last minute decision to escape back to Sanibel. So, we have guests with us until Friday. :-)

So....once again you get to see the pretty, fluffy, Florida clouds, on my departure, yesterday afternoon. It rained most of the way there, after crossing the causeway. But, it had quit before coming back.

This afternoon the visitors went to the beach off West Gulf Drive, around resident access 2. We had a birthday party to attend for a sweet little 3 year old grand daughter of other friends.

I was happy that our kind visitors were happy to share some of their photos taken today.


Caroline said...

I always have looked forward to the drive from RSW to Sanibel, the anticipation of living on an island for a week is such a nice break from winter in South Dakota...hope to do it again before too many winters slip by.
Love the tippy-toeing ibis :o)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tootie, Looks like your have a special hotel down there in Sanibel. I can understand why people enjoy visiting you!!!!!! You do live in a gorgeous area. Hope you and your friends have a wonderful week.

George said...

I never get tired of looking at your clouds or your sunsets. I can understand why traffic lanes leading onto Sanibel are 'happy lanes'.

Gayle said...

You do have the most amazing clouds I have ever seen. Really.

antigoni said...

I'm sure you have great time with your friends. The birthday girl is so sweet.