Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Nice Sanibel Evening

Sanibel was in the news today. A female landscaper, 56 years old, was pulling weeds in a man-made lagoon today around noon, when a gator bit her hand. By kicking the alligator, she was able to get away. She needed medical attention, but is doing ok now. The alligator was about 6' 7" long, weighed around 100 lbs and was caught and taken away by trappers.

This evening it was pretty nice on the beach, as far as temperature goes. It got up to 91 today, but had dropped back down to the low 80's with an east wind and the sun well hidden in a cloudy sky. I didn't stay long because there were no shells coming in around resident access 3, off West Gulf Drive.

Best viewed in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.

It was such a nice evening, I decided to drive out to the Sanibel Causeway to watch the sunset. I wasn't sure there would be one, due to the clouds, but it turned out to be well worth the drive.

A bright ray of sunlight was shinning upward.

Even though it was getting dark, the sky was still beautiful.


Jeanne said...

Oh so Purdy!!! I hope your Grandchildren withdrawl is better. Everyone can be on a countdown until next summer. See what you've started!!! :)

Savvy said...

Love the pics, and the blog!! My hubby and I took our little boy to Sanibel about a year ago, we had an amazing time. I absolutely loved it there!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tootie, Yipes---that was scary about the gator. Do you see them around alot down there???? I always love your beach pictures --especially the sunset. Gorgeous!!!!


George said...

I'm glad you made the evening trip -- that sunset was definitely worth it.

Savvy said...

And its me again...I enjoy your blog so much, I've tagged you as a winner for the Honest Scrap award! Please see my blog for details...and keep the beautiful Sanibel tales coming!!