Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sanibel Clouds and Grand Daughters

This morning was our Turtle Walk #5. It was another beautiful morning and you can check that out on my Turtle Talk blog.

After finishing that, the next stop was the Sanibel Cafe for breakfast. I had worked up an appetite for some of their GOOD French Toast. I usually get a Waffle, which is my favorite on the island. But after today, I may have to change that to the French Toast. I'm not much of a pancake eater, but everyone I know raves about the different types of pancakes that they have there. Ok, I'll fess up, I had 2 eggs and crisp fried bacon with that french toast. That made a perfect end to 'Turtle Walk Day'.

If you out and about on the island, you might want to stop in Tahitian Gardens to check out the Cafe for yourself. It's fun just going in to have a look at their tables filled with fossil shell collections.

They also have a lot of different kinds of Sanibel shells on display.

After breakfast, I had to finish up some last minute house cleaning, because today is when the first Grand Daughter arrives. Preparations all finished, it was time to drive to the Ft Myers airport. I wanted to start out early because you never know what could happen on the way to make you late. This was the first time she had ever flown alone.

Leaving the island , there were such pretty clouds all around. I had to take photos from the causeway again, of course. There is one picture taken in each direction. So as you can see, the causeway was surrounded by clouds, but the sun was brightly shining above.

Arrived at the airport over an hour before her flight was to arrive. She was all smiles when she got there. After picking up her bag, we went straight back to the island. On the way back, we talked about what whe would like to do while she's here this summer. The only thing different that she wanted to do, was to see an alligator. I told her that she just might see one.

After helping her unpack and put her things away, we went to West Gulf Drive to deliver something to a friends condo at Pointe Santo. We also went out on the beach for a while. It was cloudy all around, once again and very windy.

There weren't many good shells and most of the manatee grass was gone.

As we were leaving, we walked past the lagoon and there was a small alligator swimming along. It was a young one, about 3 feet long or a little more. I'm guessing, maybe a couple of years old. It was really cute. I had never seen a young one up close, only a 4 or 5 ft and a 14 ft one. So, that was an exciting end to the day.

We decided to stop at the Sanibel Grill for some dinner and then talk about what we might do tomorrow.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

Sounds like you're going to have tons of fun this summer.Jon wants to know if you'll adopt him?

Tootie said...

Simple answer....NO! :-)

Brandy and Andy said...

I am trying to find a picture for a wedding magnet. Would you care if I copied one of your pictures of a sunset and used for a magnet?

Pam said...

Thanks for an extra special post, Tootie! I saw a few things that I am absolutely going to have to reproduce in miniature. Haven't had Sanibel Cafe's French toast or pancakes (yet), but we've always loved going in for their Senate bean soup on Tuesdays.

Promise me there won't be any rain tomorrow afternoon... we're going to be there shelling! Yay!!

Melli said...

... darn... I guess you won't adopt ME either then... :-)

Those tables are really cool! Makes coming back a new experience each time, huh? The clouds were absoluuuuutely gorgeous! My goodness! God's hand at work! I LOVE it! Have SO much fun with that granddaughter!

Tootie said...

Brandy, I would love for you to use any of the sunsets for your magnets. I'm not sure if the are resized when I put them here or not. If you would like the original files just drop me an email and I'd be happy to send them to you. tootie_sanibel@embarqmail.com

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you have a great summer ahead. Enjoy the grands!!!!

Snowbird said...

Yum. You made me hungry. I love the tables at the Cafe. They are so unique. It sounds like you are in for a very busy summer with all the grandkids. Have a great time.

Dale said...

The Cafe is my very favorite place to eat breakfast when we're in Paradise. I love the french toast, too! Looks like they've changed the designs in the tables since we were there last.

Have loads of fun with your family, Tootie!