Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Sanibel Easter

We had a leisurely day with no plans, other than making sure the visitors got to do whatever they pleased.

So Daughter and Grand Daughter wanted to go bike riding with me, and we made several stops along Periwinkle for a little shopping. The two of them were stimulating the economy. :-) We were out for 3 hours. They wore me out.

They all went to the beach off West Gulf Drive until evening. We got together after that, for dinner at McT's. We had a variety of foods and were well pleased.

Tomorrow is the day they have to go home. :-(

Finally got the video of the dolphins jumping in the wake of the Sanibel Thriller, uploaded on YouTube. I love it!

Watch in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen.

Rooster tail spray behind the boat.

Just before we left for our cruise, the Sanibel Thriller was returning to the dock at the Sanibel Marina after a trip to Boca Grande. All the passengers had big smiles and were talking about what a great ride they had. They also offer a trip to Boca Grande, once a week for shopping, exploring, or lunch.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Tootie, I'd love to ride on the Sanibel Thriller... The dolphin video is wonderful. THANKS!!!!

I know you've enjoyed having your kids/grands. Sorry they have to leave tomorrow.


Snowbird said...

The shots of the dolphins are great. Boy they stayed with you for a long time. They must have been exhausted when they were done following you and performing.

kearymary said...

what a pleasure it was to stumble upon your blog. I have not been to Sanibel in 20 years, but it still holds fond memories for me. My grandparents used to live there - they are both gone now - by any chance did you know the Cerretani's?

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

That looks like so much fun..Sorry they are leaving so quickly. But I'm sure they had a blast!!!

Gayle said...

I wish your family could stay longer. I'm sure you enjoy having them around even if it is exhausting! (I bet you have a good rest this week:) The video of the dolphins is amazing. What a neat experience.

happyone said...

How cool to see the dolphins following along the boat like that. I would have loved to be there! They stayed with you for a long time!!

George said...

You've made me want to take a ride on the Sanibel Thriller. It certainly sounds as if you got your exercise on the bike ride with your daughter and granddaughter, but I'm sure you enjoyed every moment of it.

Tink *~*~* said...

I think I love the idea of a regular old sight-seeing/shopping tour up to Boca Grande ;)

Tink *~*~*

Melli said...

LOL! Those dolphins are having a BLAST in that wake! Too cute! Sounds like you and yours had a wonderful week together! I'm sorry they had to leave... I know how much I love having my kids around - so I know you're going to miss them.

Amy said...

We saw dolphins every day when we were on Sanibel. But never like that! Thanks for sharing the video.

antigoni said...

Amazing videos. I'm sure everybody had a great time.