Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunny Sanibel Tuesday

  It's been a beautiful, sunny day, with the temperature in the 70's.  Our night time temps for the last couple of nights have been near 60.  Perfect for me. :)
This evening we went to resident access 3 on West Gulf Drive.  We walked for a while and kept an eye out for shells.  We had the beach nearly to ourselves.

 There weren't a lot of great shells, but I did the stoop and looked carefully as I walked along. 

There was some interesting  beach wrack, but  there is a bad smell from it now, as it's drying.  That usually only lasts for a day or so and within a few days or a week, this wrack line will probably be washed away or covered with sand.

I had a couple no-see-ums get on me, so I was ready to make a hasty departure!

The handful of shells I brought home.  My favorite is the solid dark brown Keyhole limpet.  I had never found one like this before.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I see urchins in those pictures, up on the wrack line. Maybe they're the ones smelling things up!

I came home with 6 full sets of giant heart cockles. They look fab in a bowl together. Guess I need to post some new pics soon!

George said...

Your weather sounds perfect to me. The idea of having a beach to yourself is also very attractive.

NanaDiana said...

Oh I hate those no-seeums! They are the worst! I can smell the wrack from here;>) Diana

Kaybe said...

Hi Tootie,
I was just north of you off Jamacia. I never saw so many sponges & pen shells. Nice low tide - you could see both sand bars. I went shelling at night Mon & Tues but the bugs left me alone.

Take good care,


Heaven's Walk - said...

It's amazing to me not to see a soul on that beach, Tootie! Surreal! What a wonderful feeling! :)

xoxo laurie