Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chilly Sanibel Day & NY Pizza

Today was a little surprising! The low temperature was 59 degrees and the high was only 71, with a pretty strong NNW wind.  Thank goodness it was sunny, because in the sun and out of the wind, it was a perfect temperature  for me.  I wish it was this way all winter.

We went off the island just after noon today.  I don't think I've mentioned that the Snowbirds are getting to be quite a large flock already.  Each night I notice more houses in our neighborhood with lights on again.  Lots of people  out walking on the street and riding bikes.  You can tell it's someone from the north, because they are looking around to see new changes that have been made since they left and they look so happy to be out in the warm sunshine.  The traffic is already much heavier and you have to be extra careful, because cars come zipping over right in front of you, blinkers on but make no turn, get to an intersection and decide just before passing it to make a turn, slamming on brakes, or just creeping along while everyone has to pass them.  Ugh!  It's only the beginning.  The restaurants are steadily filling up now too.  But, we will get used to it again, and will also stay home much more to avoid being annoyed.  On the other hand, I know the business owners are thrilled to see them back, once again.  There are signs everywhere saying Welcome Back, and lots of advertised specials for migrating snowbirds.

The water was a little choppy today, but as we crossed the Sanibel Causeway, I noticed a lot of wind surfers out taking advantage of the wind.  I love seeing all the bright colors of their sails.  Plenty of boaters and fishermen were out too.

After driving over to Cape Coral, we drove on to Ft Myers to Bell Tower Shops.  Our good friend Tink had told us about The Fresh Market and I wanted to go there.  (I loved that place!) We had also read in the paper, a while back, about a new pizza place opening in Bell Tower.  Since we haven't found pizza here that we like, we were dying to try it. We wandered around the shops for a while and saw this Christmas tree.  I'm not sure how it fits this location, as it looks like it has big snowballs all over it. :)  There was another big tree being put up, in another area that is all red poinsettias.

The lighting was cute!  The globes are all wine bottles.  The place is nicely decorated and sparkling clean.

The pizza was AWESOME!  The crust was thin and crispy and the tomato sauce was very good.  This location is good for us too, because we are in this area frequently.  YAY! 

On the way back to Sanibel, the time flew by, because I was looking at the beautiful clouds and sun rays shining down.
Just as we started driving over the first causeway bridge,  I thought I heard Angels singing.  :)

We thought there would be a pretty sunset, so we went home, unloaded and put away our purchases.  Then we drove back out to a causeway island.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds the entire time.  Thank goodness we thought to bring hooded sweatshirts with us.  The wind was really cold!  It was in the low 60's by that time.

I walked back and forth by the water for a short time and found a Rose Petal Tellin with both halves still attached.  That is, until I carried it home in my pocket.


gpc said...

Beautiful rose tellin! The only one I've 'found' so far was the one that YOU actually found -- maybe this year I'll get lucky.

Heaven's Walk - said...

That pizza place looks and sounds absolutely wonderful, Tootie! We're going to have to eat there when we come down in March. LUV PIZZA! Thanks for the inside scoop! :)

xoxo laurie

Dave said...

That pizzarier looks pretty flash Tootie! Seems like their food's good too! Liked the clouds too. - Dave

George said...

When I lived near Myrtle Beach the arrival of the snowbirds was always a big event. Somethings haven't changed.
The pizza sounds delicious.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wishing I was a Snowbird right about now. But I know I'm happier being in Sanibel during the "off" season!!