Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sea Turtle Nest Thursday

This was the day for our usual turtle walk, but since the season is over now except for those nests that still have not hatched. We just went over to our zone before sunrise, parked near the area of our nest, which is by the Sanibel Inn on East Gulf Drive.

As we walked around the Sanibel Inn pool area, their flag was flying in a strong, cool breeze. It was a perfect morning for a beach walk.

There had been a very high tide, so between that and all the recent rain, their regular access path to the beach was standing full of water. We found another small path that ran through the dune area.

The warm light of the approaching sun, is the best start to any day!

Now I have my own suspicions as to how this visor made an appearance on the beach.

Since I know that the Sanibel Thriller passes by here each afternoon, and I also know from personal experience that someone always looses a cap or visor on nearly every trip, I'm guessing this flew right off some lady's head and was washed in to the shore. Mystery solved! By the way, if you haven't been on this cruise, be sure to go. It is awesome! I think it's, by far the best dolphin cruise I've ever been on and also an interesting narration by a really cool lady that is a personal friend. If you go, say Hi to Leena for me. :)

Just after we started walking, I saw a helicopter coming toward us.

It flew very low, right over our heads.

I watched the helicopter go up to the end of the island and then turn to come back again. This time I could see spray coming out. They were spraying for mosquitoes. You think this could mean I'm well protected now? Hmmmm? They made several passes before disappearing.

We see this nice lady on each of our turtle walks. You'll notice she carries a bag and picks up trash as she goes along. This morning she was on her way back with a full bag.

I only picked up one shell to carry home today, and you'll find it below.

There was quite a bit of Manatee grass left on a high tide line, in several places.

Manatee grass is one of seven different sea grasses that grow in our Gulf waters, providing a habitat and food for marine animals. In the winter, much of the grass dies and floats to the surface, and Manatee grass breaks off easily in storms. It is very buoyant and floats to the surface, drifts around, gets bleached by the sun, and, eventually, washes up on beaches. It sometimes leaves a bad smell on the beach, as it decomposes.

Our turtle nest has been washed over once before by a high tide, last night the high tide got up as far as the first stake. We're still hoping it will hatch.

As we walked back from the beach, I noticed how green and fresh all the vegetation is. I suppose from the recent rain and perhaps the high tides.

There were a lot of bikes at the Sanibel Inn, just waiting for someone to take them for a ride.

Here's my treasure, from a perfect morning on the beach.

These are the shells I carried home last evening.

Just before sunset we drove out to a Sanibel Causeway island to watch the sunset. There were lots of thunderstorm clouds around and I thought that would make the sunset spectacular. But, no such luck. There was just too much cloud clover, so we didn't even get a peak at the sun. Since you know how I love clouds, you know I wasn't disappointed. :)


Kaybe said...

It makes me sad when I see a turtle nest that the tide has erroded. There was one at Stump Pass yesterday that was halfway up the bank with half of it gone from the storm. I love seeing the lady picking up the trash - I pick up trash & bobbers too. Nice pictures of the clouds on the causeway. You can really feel how massive they are.

Gayle said...

We watched a movie last night that had a part about a girl & guy watching over a turtle nest and in the end the little turtles scampered in the sea, and of course, I thought of you the whole time! I hope your nest hatches.

Donna said...

How lucky you are to live on Sanibel Island! Your photos were gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing! And thanks for visiting, and especially for the get well wishes!

NanaDiana said...

Well, I felt like I was right there walking along with you! I soooo remember those mosquito sprayers...and that chemucal smell that would just hang in the air forever if you were inland a bit!

Looks like you got some pretty shells this week...and I LOVE clouds too-we just have way too many cloudy days here. But FL clouds are amazing, aren't they? You can see shapes in them and they are just so ever-changing...much more so than here in the Midwest.

*sigh* another wonderful Sanibel
day! Diana

Love of the Sea said...

Oh my - love your shells that you collected. They are beautiful. Keeping my fingers crossed that your nest hatches...!!

George said...

I hope the spraying keeps the mosquitoes at bay. I'm glad there are volunteers who try to keep the beach clean. We try to carry out as much trash as we find when we hike, but sometimes there is more than we can handle. You captured a beautiful sunrise, and I liked your cloudy sunset.

Beach House Living said...

I like the orange shells you collected.

Can I ask what size font that is? I enjoy your beach walks but can't read the writing.

Tootie said...

I'm sorry you couldn't read it, the text is done in normal size. I haven't had anyone else say they have a problem with it. When I view my posts on line, it looks pretty large on my screen and on my friends too.