Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sanibel Sunset in Pastel

Our high temperature today was 91 and the low last night was 75.  I'm lovin' that low temp. :)

This evening, we started on our way to the beach, but just after we started, we saw a little man that we see all the time as he's riding his bicycle.  I've often thought, that man is a lot older than I am and he rides all over the island on a regular basis.  What's wrong with me?

But, this time he wasn't riding.  He was walking and trying to push his bicycle.  At first glance, we thought he had a flat tire and was just pushing it on home, which wasn't too much further.  We waved to him as we passed, and he just kept his head down.  I looked back and he appeared to be wobbling back and forth, then he almost fell.  As I watched, it looked like the bicycle was so heavy that he couldn't hold it up and couldn't push it straight.  We turned around and started back.  Another car came toward him in the opposite lane, he swerved in their direction and then waved them on.  We drove up beside him and I put my window down and asked if he was ok.  He said he was, but it was then that I noticed he had blood on his shirt, arm, elbow and a little on his face.  I got out and asked again if he was sure he was ok.  Again he said he was.  I kept asking him questions to find out what happened, like was he hurt and his reply was no.  When I asked if he had fallen and he said, he had.  I told him we lived just down the street from his house and saw him all the time and how about letting us take you home.  At first he didn't want to and I told him that we couldn't let him push that bike all the way and we would just put it in the back of our suv.  Finally he said, that would be ok, if we didn't mind and it woudn't be too much trouble.  We got him in the back seat, put the bike in the back and off we went.  We kept talking to him and at first he had said he had an accident, then said the gears went out, but there were no gears on the bike.  He kept saying he wasn't hurt, but I don't think that was true, since he had blood on him.  I told him I knew which house he lived in because I had seen him out working in his yard.  He said he sure hadn't been working in it enough lately.  (So, that led me to believe he was coherent.)  When we got to his house, we helped him out, unloaded the bike and I pushed it over to park it by another one. (The bike pushed easily, nothing wrong with it.)  He thanked us over and over for the trouble. I told him that I knew he would do the same for us if we needed it, he said he sure would.  I wanted to help him to the door but he said, no he was fine.  I asked if he was going to be by himself, or was his wife home.  He told me she was home and he wouldn't be by himself.  I tried to tell him I would go to the front door and ask her to come around and help him, but he didn't want me to.  As he started to walk away, he kept swaying and I thought he was going to fall over, but he put his hand against a post to steady himself, stood there for a bit.  I went over to him again and asked to help him and the answer was still no.  He had a difficult time, but made it to the door.  We made sure he got in, waited there in the driveway for a couple of minutes, then left.  Now I'm still worried.  I'm afraid he had a stroke, heart attack or something and feel bad that I didn't go to the front door to talk to his wife.  Oh my, what should a person do in that kind of a situation.  He was so positive he didn't need help and I didn't want to insult him or hurt his feelings because he seemed embarrassed that he had to have help.  There was no way he would have been able to push his bike all the way home, he was ready to collapse.  I know what I am going to do tomorrow.  I am going to his house, walk up to the front door and ask if he is feeling better.  At least I will feel better.

After that, our enthusiasm for going to the beach had sort of disappeared.  So, we just drove out to a causeway island to watch the sunset.

There was so much cloud cover near the horizon, that we couldn't actually see the sunset.  But, there was a cool wind blowing, it was quiet and peaceful, and the sky was beautiful!

If you enlarge this photo, you'll understand why I said, "It's a bird, it's a bird, it's a plane!"

I mentioned last week, that I had noticed more picnic tables were on the Sanibel Causeway islands.

Now on your next visit, if you'd like a table with a view, there may be one. :)  The two causeway islands have roadsides totaling around 10 acres that are used by thousands of people for recreational areas.  Lee County Parks and Recreation maintain the islands.  After placing a counter on only one section on the gulf side of island B, it was determined that during the month of July there were 8,000 vehicles, just in that area alone.  During the month of March the total was 20,000 vehicles.  Those numbers prompted the county to add 20 new picnic tables and 30 garbage and recycling cans.  There are a few more dead trees to replace, then the landscaping project on the causeway islands will be complete.


NanaDiana said...

Oh Tootie-That is so sad about that old gentleman. I do hope he is alright. It is hard to know when to offer help and when to step back sometimes, isn't it? I agree with you-I think I would go to the door and just check and make sure he was okay. Maybe take him some cookies or something so the barrier to open the door comes down. I don't know if I would have done anything any differently than you did! You're a good soul! Diana

Dave said...

Tootie, well done for helping your neighbour. I too hope that he is OK. Some people wont accept help because of their stubbourness. I agree with NanaDiana, do go and see him. He may not have a wife? Let us know how it goes? - Dave

George said...

I hope the little man is okay. It was good of you to help him as you did.

Don said...

Sounds to me like you did all you could for the man.

I have always meant to ask, how are the causeway island lettered? Starting from the toll gate or from Sanibel?

Tootie said...

Don, the causeway spoil islands are: A is nearest to toll booths on the Ft Myers side, and B is nearest Sanibel.

Don said...

Thanks Tootie.

sue in mexico mo said...

Tootie, your mid-western background would never let you ignore someone in trouble. :-)

It sounds like he had an accident and/or medical problem. I hope he is ok. Keep us posted.