Monday, July 12, 2010

A Relaxing Sanibel Evening

There's a really neat story that I think you would enjoy reading. It's about Oiled pelicans from Louisiana that were flown to Sanibel Island this morning for release into waters off Sanibel Island. A special Coast Guard flight left New Orleans around 7 a.m. and landed at Page Field in Fort Myers about 11 a.m. The pelicans were taken to Gulfside City Park on Sanibel Island for release. All the birds were successfully rehabilitated after being rescued from the oil spill in the gulf.

We made an evening trip to the beach at resident access 3 on West Gulf Drive. It was hot during the day, but by the time we got to the beach it had cooled down a little. It was just perfect, with a cooling wind blowing. To make it even better, the tide was really low, which made walking in the water very nice and relaxing. There were thousands of live Coquinas at the edge of the surf, but not many other shells in or near the water. There were some at the high tide line and I picked up a pocket full of ordinary shells to add to our give away container. Have to replace some now and then. :)

I didn't take pictures of the turtle nests, but I was surprised to see 7 or 8 of them in this area. The turtles were smart too, they made the nests up very high on the beach. I hope that will protect them from getting washed over this season, by high tides.

I don't know if it's just my imagination or if the beach in this area is getting wider and wider. I'm going to have to look back through my pictures to see what it looked like last year at this time.

what I found when I emptied my pocket. :)

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George said...

I'm glad to hear about the pelicans from Louisiana arriving at Sanibel. I hope they do well in Florida.
You got some beautiful pictures from the beach.