Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sad Day, Happy Hair

I know it's a strange title, but I'm a little sad today because my friend and :) personal hair dresser, left the island today to go home. We had lots of fun with our Missouri friends during the past month, and will truly miss them. Hopefully they will be back soon. We've had several good friends visiting Sanibel during the month of May, and all have gone except for our friends from Holland, who will be here a while longer.

First thing this morning, I cheered myself up, with a little tropical bouquet of variegated ginger blooms. The blooms look like a mixture of tiny seashells and orchids that have a spicy fragrance. I love them!

I very rarely put any photos of myself on this blog; mostly because I don't like any of them. But, I had to share my new 'Happy Hairdo'. Thank you friend! I hope you can return in time for a touch up in about 6 weeks. :)

This is a cute gift that was given to us this morning. Don't you just love the little turtle holding a picture frame? He was looking a little sad today too. :)

This afternoon we drove to Captiva, parked in a friends driveway on Wightman Lane. He has a beautiful four bedroom home, Rainbow's End, that is a weekly rental. We walked to the end of the lane to the beach. There were bright colored umbrellas in either direction, but not many people moving around on the beach. I saw a few in the water and the others were just relaxing in their beach chairs.

As I walked out onto the beach and toward the water, there was what looked to be a crater. Hmmmm??? Maybe the signs of a giant sea turtle's false crawl???

There was plenty of parasailing activity going on.

There were only a few scattered small seashells.

Video was taken at the end of Wightman lane. This is just slightly north of the Mucky Duck and Yolo Waters Sports.

I've heard of stolen, stripped and abandoned cars; could this have been a stolen, stripped and abandoned trash receptacle??? On Captiva??? You think???

The walk back on Whitman Lane was very pleasant. It's not like walking on a street, it's exactly as the name implies, it's a nice quiet lane, lined with trees that are hiding some beautiful homes.

At the very top of a pine tree, young Osprey were crying out for mom and dad to bring them some food.

Captiva Island is one of those places where everyone names their homes. Walking along Whitman Lane, it's entertaining reading all the signs with clever beach house names.

On the drive back, I watched more parasailers, the view from up there is amazing. If you haven't done this yet, you should!

Next stop, Sanibel Grill, for Happy Hour. :)

For a Pina colada and . . . .

a Steak Quesadilla with black beans and rice. :))


Gayle said...

Your hair it adorable! I need a haircut like that one. LOVE IT!! Looks like you had such an enjoyable evening. I am so glad. What a peaceful lane. I'd like to walk there.

Dani said...

I gotta tell you...I get so excited to see that you posted something.

Your hair looks great and thanks for the pics!!! I hope to see some turtle pics soon. What a great experience for you. I know I said it before but you are so lucky to be living in paradise!!!

Have a great day!! Oh, btw...I sorted (yes I am obsessed) all my seashells and was amazed to find some treasures. No Junonia, but some real beauties. Can't wait to show you!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Looks like a perfect Sanibel Day -- love your pretty "do". I know what you mean about not liking our pictures - but I do love seeing everybody elses -- So I guess we should do that more often. Wishing you a beachin' day!

The Florida Blogger said...

You can tell its getting bad on the Island when they start stealing trash cans:) Is there a black market for those puppies?

Kimberly said...

Love the hair! Shellqueen is the best, isn't she? I am sure her month went too fast, wish I could have been there when she was! See you in Sept!

sue in mexico mo said...

Great hair! Very young and sassy!

RottenMom said...

Hey! That's my street! We've stayed on Wightman quite a few times. Right next to and directly across from Rainbow! Can't wait to be in the village again. Very Soon!

Your hair looks amazing. love it!

Thank you for the Captiva post!

Tanya said...

Love your new hair-do and it looks easy to maintain.Thanks again for all the pics of Paradise! I was especially excited to see my favorite restaurant, The Fish Monger".When we were down the last time (from OH)they fixed Coconut Shrimp just for us on a day they don't normally offer it, such great people & great food!! We will be at WestWind Inn for a week on July 11. My sister & I would love to meet you, if possible.