Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sanibel Tuesday

Slowly it's warming up at night, a few degrees at a time. Last night the low was 51, but it didn't reach the predicted temperature of 75. It reached 68 with wind from the S and gusts up to 9 mph. It was partly sunny today and we only got some heavy sprinkles, then light rain in the middle of the afternoon.

That rain, came while we were working our way through traffic on the way to the beach. There seems to be heavier traffic this week than last. It's a nightmare!

We went to resident access 1, off West Gulf Drive. After sitting in traffic so long, the rain had stopped by that time. :) There are some new signs at the house beside the path.

I'm thinking they love dogs more than people. Hmmm......

The clouds were really pretty today.

The water was pretty clear and calm today. There wasn't much wind either, which made it very pleasant walking.

It was still raining up the beach a little way.

I didn't find much of interest in the shells the waves were leaving behind.

This bird was having a yummy treat!

There were a lot of shells out where the waves were breaking. The water is still a little cold for me to get interested in wading out there. But, I sure would have liked to get a closer look. :)

As we were leaving, we noticed someone had brought their unwanted shells back and dumped them.


Anonymous said...

I went down to St. Pete Beach today and thought about you when I picked up some shells. I hardly ever get to the beach and your blog inspired me to make the 160-mile trip south!

Snowbird said...

Any day you find some mac n cheese is a good day.