Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunny Sanibel Wednesday

It was a 93 degree, sunny Wednesday on Sanibel Island. The temperature got up to 93 degrees today. There was a nice sunset this evening, seen from the Causeway spoil island B. Those of you familiar with this view, can tell how the sun has changed position. Soon we will have to go to the West Gulf beach to watch the sunset. Even more interesting to see, was a huge cloud that looked like it had come from an explosion. As the sun went down, it was changing in color.

Best watched in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.


Pam said...

We were on the island today - me shelling and my husband reading in the shade. It didn't seem like it was 93 because we were catching a light breeze. The fishing pier was almost crowded with people fishing, many of them women. Other than that the beach was practically empty. All in all, it was a peaceful, relaxing day, which I really needed!

Don said...

Usual looking cloud. I wish that I could have been there to see it for myself.

At least I have your picture. Thanks.

Pam said...

Me, again. I want to thank you for the nice comments you made on my blog regarding my miniature shell collector's study. Of course you can mention it on your Treasures of the Sea blog... I'm honored that you asked!