Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sanibel Thursday / Coming & Going

Preparations are being made to get ready for a visit from several of my Grand Children. They will be spending most of the summer here on Sanibel Island, with the first one arriving on June 2, the second on June 5, the third on June 21, the fourth on July 7 along with one of my daughters and her husband. They will all leave on July 21. Around the first of July my youngest daughter may also come for a few weeks. I think it's going to be an exciting and fun time. So......

Today some grocery shopping began along with a few other things. That meant leaving the island for a while. It was a warm day, around 87 degrees, but it really didn't seem that warm because of the wind. The water looked pretty calm from the causeway. There were very few people on the spoil islands today.

This was the view of the sky from the top of the highest bridge as we left.

This is a view of the sky on the way back.

A couple of hours later, after putting groceries away etc, we made a drive back toward Spoil Island B to try to catch the sunset. This was the sky as we were going.

This is the sky, from Spoil Island B just as the sun went down.

The sky in the east as we turned to go back.

This was just after sunset looking out over San Carlos Bay and Pine Island Sound. The end of another day.
Best viewed in HD on YouTube, by clicking the screen below.

So that's it for the comings and goings, that probably caused us to miss a really good beach day. It had to be very pleasant with the beautiful clouds all around the island with a dome of bright blue sky and sunshine overhead. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


IRENE said...

What a beautiful piece of paradise! Thank you so much for stoppoing by, connecting to me and commenting.
it seems you will be very busy in the next few weeks. I hope they will also be pleasant and joyful.

Reader Wil said...

How beautiful,Tootie! Your photos and viseo are wonderful, Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your kind words on my blog.Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

How awesome for you that you will get to spend so much time with your grandchildren and how great for them that grandma lives in a place that is like no other. Have fun!

bean3 said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you will be having a wonderful summer! You lucky Island girl!

Gayle said...

You are going to have a very busy summer! Those like pretty angry think you'd get rain eventually. I'm not sure I could handle the wind the ocean seems to always have. Hmmmm. Hope you have a good beach day today.