Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raindrop Thursday

Left the island this afternoon to do some shopping and take a friend to get a new driver's license. We had a few rain showers before leaving, but the sun was trying to peak out, as we went over the causeway.

The water was very calm today. The spoil islands were also very calm. The difference in the amount of visitors there is shocking. During season there was hardly a space left that was big enough to park in. Now, you can almost have them to yourself.

Going over the highest part of the bridge, you could see a sandbar exposed. There were a lot of birds walking around on it, having a great time.

As we came through the toll plaza, I noticed several large fish jumping out of the water. As I looked over again, I saw a fisherman who had waded WAY out in the water and had three or four poles somehow set in the water and he was using a castnet. There were probably 8 or 9 other fishermen scattered around in the shallow water. It looked to me like they were working at it WAY too hard. :-) I say, just hold a net up and let the fish jump in it!

We got to the place to get the driver's license. This should only take a few minutes, since there didn't seem to be many people there. (I'm sure you know where this is going! And, you would be right!) They got all the information, cut up the old license while the new one was printing. But guess what, the new one didn't print! Their computer system went down and they had to wait for someone a thousand miles away, to get the system up again. Finally the system came back up, but the printer was locked up! Now, three women tried to figure that problem out; finally calling for help and one woman telling the other two what to do. O.K., now sitting outside in a vehicle watching traffic for almost two hours and then sitting through a windy, rain storm for a half hour, then just watching it rain until the clouds finally moved on, three hours and one rainbow had passed before the business there was completed! Can you say, nightmare?

We were hungry as bears by that time. The first place we got to, was a Steak & Shake and I LOVE Steak & Shake! As we were walking in, there was another rainbow, I just hoped that was a good sign!

After a quick stop at Lowe's, we headed straight back toward Sanibel and some sanity! Reaching the causeway, a beautiful sunset was there waiting.

I just had to stop on the first island to take some pictures. There was another car stopped there and a gentleman was standing by the shore, taking photos. It was so peaceful standing there watching as a heron was wading in the water.

A few minutes later a boat came by and I could hear a couple of children trying to talk over the sound of the motor. I think they were on their way back from fishing and were talking to their Father about the fun they had. That was kind of nostalgic for me and brought a tear to my eye, because it reminded me of all the wonderful times I had, fishing with my Father when I was a child. It's moments like that, when I miss him a lot. I know it's surprising, that I can still remember that far back, when I can't remember what I did yesterday. :-) Some memories, you just never forget.

As I turned to leave, I was surprised at the beauty of the sky behind me. Sometimes when the sun is going down, it lights up the clouds all around.

Back on the causeway and going across the next spoil island, the setting sun looked very pretty behind the palms.

I had one more quick look, as we drove onto the island for another peaceful night in paradise.


Gayle said...

I love the shots with the palm trees. Oh, the dmv is a nightmare isn't it. I think they intentionally hire slow moving people who don't rile easily. I just want to scream everytime I go there!

David C. said...

Beautiful sunset. Nice captures.

Karan said... your story and those photos!!!! After all that, it's still PARADISE!


Karan said...

It's still paradise! Tootie, I love the story and those photos! I'm starving for Sanibel.


Karan said...

It's still paradise! Those photos are gorgeous. You are a lucky girl! I'm starving for some Sanibel.


Brandy and Andy said...

I love all your pictures. You are a great photographer.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Yes, that story of DMV sounds all too familiar!!!

Snowbird said...

I always love your posts and pictures. Makes me want to come home all the sooner!! What a nightmare the whole drivers license thing was. Luckily when we got ours, we got right in and right out. Of course we drove all the way to the other end of Cape Coral to get ours so it seemed like 3 hours!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Aren't you glad that the Snowbirds have gone home??? Do you have a bunch of kids/families there in the summer????

I laughed at your driver's license experience... AND to think: some people in this country want the Govt. to get bigger and do MORE to take care of us. I can't think of ONE Government-run agency that is run WELL, can you????? GADS!!!!

Have a great day.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Oh Crap!!!I have to go in this year and get my license renewed.If that happens to me,I will be soooo pi$$ed! You know I don't have any patience.