Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Sanibel Thursday

The temperature today reached 86, but the cool SW breeze made it a perfect evening on the beach. Walking out onto the beach at resident access 7, I could see that the water still has that beautiful aquamarine color.

There were shells left at the tide line and the waves were uncovering some shells that had previously been covered in sand. I only picked up a few small shells, but when I found one tiny little horse conch, I was happy.

There were very few people out this evening; just a couple people walked past and a couple people were fishing. Either most people had already gone for the day or it is a sign that season is at the end. Either way, it's very peaceful and almost like having your own island.

From access 7, and walking west for about 1/4 mile you see a huge, beautiful, thatch roof house that is used by most locals as a landmark. If you tell someone you were near the thatch roof house, they know exactly where you were. You can see this house at the beginning of the first video.

Much better viewed in HD on YouTube, by clicking on screen below.

At the beginning of this video you will see another thatch roof house. Could it be illegal housing on a Sanibel beach? :-) Someone built a makeshift lean too on the beach. It was actually much longer than it appears in the video. Normally it wouldn't be a problem but tomorrow is the first day of sea turtle nesting season and all obstructions are supposed to be removed from the beach. This includes beach chairs, umbrellas, garbage of any type which can endanger a sea turtle's life. All sand castles should be leveled and holes filled in by the visitors that created them.


gpc said...

What a sweet little shell! And, of course, the even sweeter sound of waves on sanibel sand. Sigh.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tootie, I love the first couple of pictures showing the palms... Beautiful!!!!

Have a wonderful day and week. I'll post one more time in the morning--but then I'll be gone for about 9 days.


sue in mexico mo said...

Hi Tootie, I enjoy your blog each day. Thanks for all the wonderful photos. I'll be there in July. Hope to see you again. Sue

Tink *~*~* said...

You know what I'll say - same thing I said when you texted the pic - "Any day you find mac and cheese is a good shelling day!" :)

Tink *~*~*