Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sunset

After spending some time with friends at the West Wind Inn Pool Bar this evening, some of us went on to resident access 5, to watch the sunset. There were some fluffy clouds that made it look very pretty tonight. A cold front is passing through, but it was still pleasantly warm today. By late evening the wind was getting a little chilly for me. I know you people up north don't want to hear that. :-) Sorry.

By the way, there was red drift algae at West Wind Beach area that reached several feet out into the water, but just a little further west, there was none.

When at West Wind Inn, I could see clouds a little further west and had a feeling the sunset would be very nice tonight. This is how the sky looked as I walked out onto the beach. You couldn't see the sun. Then a little later it began to peak between clouds and eventually it went below the clouds and sliped out of sight.

The sky had a nice pink glow after the sunset.


Dave said...

I liked you sunset and cloud photos Tootie. - Dave

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Tootie.. I love seeing the sunset over the ocean--and when there are clouds, it is even more gorgeous. Thanks!!!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Always spectacular when there are some clouds in the sky! Lovely!

George said...

What a perfect way to end the day. Beautiful pictures.